Google: Now A Car Insurance Broker

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A WebmasterWorld thread reports Google UK is testing a new form of Google comparison ads for car insurance quotes. You can see it yourself by going to Google UK and searching for [car insurance].

Here is a screen shot:

Google Car Insurance Quotes

Now, when you click on it, Google either asks you for your registration number or the make/model/year and type of the car you drive:

Google Car Insurance Quotes

Google Car Insurance Quotes

Of course, SEOs and webmasters who are in that business feel Google is bypassing them and their quality sites to provide a lead service themselves. This is nothing new, we've seen these complaints for years and webmasters have every right to be upset.

If you are upset, join the forums.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/14/2012 12:34 pm

Nice business G Reliance it will also be all rounder..hope one day G will sell oil wells also..

Łukasz Rajzer

09/14/2012 03:31 pm

This could be a pretty cool gadget [Start a new quote] in AdWords. I would use in campaigns for insurance comparison Fortunately, in Poland, insurers don't have WebService's and we are still safe. The question is when we have to stop comparing :/


09/14/2012 03:35 pm

it just start, imagine what will later - full amazon on google, all health info, etc. It will not search engine soon, it will compare price engine.


09/14/2012 03:50 pm

I see them doing this for car sales too.

Webstats Art

09/16/2012 05:22 am

Google making even more enemies in the business world in the UK. If you live in the UK, then you will know that car insurance companies now resort more to using the television to advertise their websites.

Lee Beirne

09/16/2012 01:12 pm

As an SEO that specialises in the Automotive industry, this move by Google has potential to be crippling for some companies and I'm not 100% convinced this is the right choice for the consumer either. Jorge - They do.

Webstats Art

09/16/2012 03:36 pm

Yes. I am also involved with clients in certain industries and these types of things are considered to be a major threat to families who work for these companies who rely on continual web traffic. Barry's website is very useful because people can keep informed. Millions of companies will start planning to minimize google by promoting newer technology that limits the power of google search. This should be at the top of their sales/marketing agenda for sustainability.


09/17/2012 12:29 pm

I love that Google did this. Now I hope Google penalizes their insurance competitors even more because they have thin and shallow content. I trust Google, Matt Cutts and Barry.

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