Google: Authorship Works With Google+ Vanity URLs

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Once you get your authorship working, no one wants to mess around and change URLs. Some don't like to mess around even if the authorship is not live in the search results, in fear changing it might break something. This is even more so now that there was a reduction in authorship display in the results.

authorship markup

One question I get a lot from more advanced SEOs is should I use the numeric or custom/vanity URL from my Google+ page. Should I use the root or /about or /post URL as well? The answer is, it does not matter.

Google's John Mueller went on record about this topic this morning on Google+ saying:

I've seen this come up more since custom/vanity URLs for Google+ profiles have become more popular. Authorship works fine with vanity profile URLs, it works fine with the numeric URLs, and it doesn't matter if you link to your "about" or "posts" page, or even just to the base profile URL. The type of redirect (302 vs 301) also doesn't matter here. If you want to have a bit of fun, you can even use one of the other Google ccTLDs and link to that.

So there you have it, concrete information from Google on one of the scary topics to touch on.

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Wouter Blom @stramark

12/20/2013 02:43 pm

As a standard, I would try to make everything as consistent as possible. Thus linking to your vanity URL. and testing it with the snippet testing tool from google.

Vermont Design Works

12/20/2013 04:58 pm

I still would like to know what Google thinks about using authorship on non-blog/article pages. I see so many using it on their home page and the rest of the main site, yet there's some ambiguity as to whether or not this is best practice, because Google's materials/setup videos seem to indicate this is for articles and blog posts. I've tried, but have yet to get an answer from @mattcutts or anyone else...

Jitendra Vaswani

12/20/2013 04:59 pm


Ammon Johns

12/21/2013 01:06 am

The answer to that lies in the nature of the page itself, and the author's relationship to the page contents. Authorship markup is important where the content is primarily a specific person's views and opinion. Its relationship to the author is integral to its value. So, if you have similar content where the identity and experience of the author is likewise absolutely key to the value of the content, I'd say authorship markup is probably right. Most of the time. If you have a product page that is not a personal review, then authorship is completely irrelevant. It shouldn't be a personal view but a factual one, and the person explaining the facts is far less than critical to the value of the facts presented. That's a little generic, but unless you provide a more specific question, a specific type of case, I can't provide a specific answer.


01/13/2014 04:58 am

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