Google Analytics Moves Old Version Link To Footer


Old Google Analytics LinkThe Google Analytics Forum is lighting up with questions about how to access the old version of Google Analytics. I linked to one thread, but there are plenty of threads with this question popping up.

The link is still there, but Google moved the link to the old interface all the way in the footer of the page. Google really wants you to switch to the new version of Google Analytics and by almost hiding the link, they think they can convert more people over to it.

Google Analytics event tweeted it:

So if you can't find it, scroll down.

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Forum.

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José Coelho

04/19/2012 02:35 pm

Thanx. I really prefer the old version. It let's me check out my blog posts by the name of the title. The new version doesn't have this option.

James Hunt

04/19/2012 06:34 pm

is there a way of showing the "Overview: All Accounts" screen on v5?? i like to see a snapshot of each client on one much quicker 

Jaan Kanellis

04/19/2012 09:10 pm

Yeah I noticed that this morning.  The worst part of the new version of GA is when comparing date range data, they got ride of % difference.  That is just stupid.

Michael Martinez

04/19/2012 10:38 pm

Google needs to get the memo: Google Analytics is broken, screwed up, a mess, and NOT WORTH USING.  They need to FIX IT.

Yvo Schaap

04/20/2012 09:15 am

I'be build a replica of the old analytics site overview dashboard using their API: I could move to also support the initial site stats overview... (presuming Analytics will phase it out).


04/20/2012 03:58 pm

Old version gives a summary of all accounts when log in,  and V5 I have to click one by one


04/20/2012 05:05 pm

Thanks for this post.  I've been out for few days and thought someone got into my systems.  


04/20/2012 08:31 pm

This is my web! What is my rank in google analytics?


04/25/2012 09:58 am

Yes but it doesn't show the list of domain names in my portfolio with a raft of green or red progress reports anymore, and that's what everyone is getting so upset about. Doesn't anyone at Google care that we are seething with frustration ? Jill


04/26/2012 01:25 am

Come on people, try the new analytics live, it's fascinating, can't stop watching, very addictive, wish I new what all the percentages mean

Jill Pendleton

04/26/2012 09:06 am

This comment by Pennyciocchi just shows that he or she has never used the summary of all accounts in the old version which was brilliant. Green figures showing increase and red numbers showing a fall. I cannot believe that Google has done this to us. It's like a pleasant sunny morning without birdsong.

It's me.

04/27/2012 08:01 pm

I loathe the new GA. The old version was so user friendly so THANKS so much for letting us know about the link! :)

Michelle Hollywood

05/07/2012 08:16 pm

go to old version then to analytics settings to show all sites

Sodexis Inc

05/09/2012 05:46 am

Hi Mentors, I cant able to find old version of Google analytics, When i click the footer link "Old version - Reporting" its turn to display new version only....! plz help me out, how can i get old version of Google analytics..... (The New Version is Simply Waste)


05/11/2012 03:15 pm

thanks very much could not find this any where. Still shows at top if you go through AdWords.


06/04/2012 02:42 pm

I checked this today and Google must have updated their footer as that link is no longer there - however the 'old version' link still remains at the top of the dashboard - but clicking on it does absolutely nothing.....anyone else seeing this??


07/19/2012 02:26 am

The old version of analytics is more intuitive, new version of the analytics inconvenient to use, I hope not to remove the old version of analytics


07/22/2012 12:42 pm

As of this morning the link is gone :( google's “new versions” just come off as desperate attempts to get people to stay on thier sites longer. But the truth is they are forcing people to stay on thier sites longer to relearn their systems. Kinda feels like communism to me


08/28/2012 10:05 pm

I dont like new google...I want the old back tried fact reset hard reset my moto xprt O-o.Old google for...

Google Analytics

10/15/2012 06:26 am

I like the new Google version that was being implemented last few months. It's because, by using the new algorithm on Google, all the unwanted spam methods that is use for seo was already been removed. So it's good to hear that the new version was already there.


02/24/2013 11:12 am

No longer true. Currently there is no option to get the old view in Google Analytics :( It's a pity, since it was way less confusing than the current groups/categories/folders/pages/domains and all that jazz... All I really wanted was a simple list of essential stats with some jquery flair, but instead we get what we have now.

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