Google Algorithm Interview With Dr. Pete & Yours Truly

Dec 14, 2012 • 8:49 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Yesterday, Dr. Pete from SEOmoz and I were interviewed by Max Minzer on a Google+ Hangout. The interview was very enjoyable that I felt I wanted to share the archived version with you all.

We covered a lot of topics about the Google Algorithm and the outline of the interview was:

  • Google, search quality and the current state of search.
  • Is Google being too transparent these days?
  • Recent changes in algorithm.
  • Future of search.
  • The mindset of our beloved SEO & webmaster industry.
The interview went about 15 minutes over and we had some outstanding questions to answer.

It was kind of an extension from the algo hunters interview on SEOmoz.

Here it is:

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Dr. Pete

12/14/2012 01:55 pm

Wow, I need a new webcam. Or a new face. Or to not have a cold for a week :) Definitely enjoyed the chat, though. Hope I didn't sound too over the edge. It hasn't been my most pro-Google week - I need to relax a bit before Santa makes any final decisions.


12/14/2012 03:19 pm

Don't worry Dr. Pete. You sounded fine; moreover, your insight is amazing. I believe you "understand" Google very well.

Max Minzer

12/14/2012 04:00 pm

Pete, we were silently comparing your voice to a "perfect radio voice" and "Kung Fu movie audio" in the chat. ;) Thank you Barry and Pete - it was an insightful and balanced (don't worry Pete) discussion. We all enjoyed it very much and everyone I asked learned something new! Looking forward to more hangouts with both of you! :)

Donnie Strompf

12/14/2012 04:18 pm

This was awesome, Barry and Pete you guys are very influential and you do it with good spirits. Max can't thank you enough for hosting another great #maximpact hangout. BTW. Holy Mozcast! Good thing we applied hurricane shutters in time. All of our sites are stil intact :) need more days like today!

Adam Buchanan

12/14/2012 04:44 pm

Big +1 for publishing great conversations like this. Thank you.

Google Thieves

12/14/2012 05:16 pm

Talked nonsense. Now of you have a clue anymore, you are only trying to act like you know. Pay to play is here

Max Minzer

12/14/2012 09:06 pm

Created a segment breakdown to make it easier for folks:


12/15/2012 04:26 pm

here are my 2 cents - if you have 10 results from the same domain for any keyword, the search is screwed.

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