Is There Making Sense To The Google Algorithm?

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GooglebotThe administrator at WebmasterWorld, aka Tedster, posted his thoughts on how he breaks down the Google algorithm in a WebmasterWorld thread.

The truth is, he said back in the older days, there was this "punch list" approach where you knew you had to hit X factors in Google's rankings and as long as you hit those off your punch list, you were pretty set. Now things are different and the "punch list" approach doesn't work as well. Now he said we need to think in a more "functional" approach to this.

He lists out his reasoning but ends up saying that "Google may be so complicated that no one anywhere understands the whole thing any more - not even Amit Singhal." Amit is Google's top guy in search, he is the single person responsible for how search works at Google.

Tedster talks about:

  • Big data and how they have so many ranking signals that we can't fully comprehend it.
  • They are statisticians and use math to the fullest
  • Google automates taxonomy building
  • Google saves the data forever so they have historical signals as well

The thread has the potential to turn into a great one.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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03/07/2012 03:05 pm

Follow the money Follow the news about Google being under pressure to increase earnings Follow the news about cheesy, underhanded and illegal things Google is doing to make money Know that Google makes money when users click on ads, not on your link. ...and there you have your answer to almost everything. Then, things start to make sense, especially Panda. No kickback to Google via advertising, no rank for you!! I cannot think of a brand that was hurt by a lesser brand by Panda. I forgot, Googlers are really ethical so they wouldn't... (my Joke of the Day)


03/07/2012 04:21 pm

Diego, if no one went to Goole search then no one would click on ads. Google wants to provide high quality search results in organic so people stay with Goole for their searching.


03/07/2012 04:33 pm

Yes, want to buy a bridge while you're still in this mindset?

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