Is The Tech Support Policy For Google AdWords Unfair?

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Google AdWords Tech Support IconGoogle has many policies when it comes to everything, including AdWords. One policy is AdWords User Safety policy, which seems to put tech support companies at a lose when trying to promote their services using AdWords.

One such company sent me a few links to threads at the Google AdWords Help forums with complaints about how tech support companies are treated by Google.

When questioned, Google's John Paul responded:

As been discussed recently, if you are running an AdWords account with tech support ads, you need to follow AdWords User Safety policy. please review the information below for details on the policy. We have longstanding policies against ads, websites, and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading to our users. The primary concern of this space is our user’s safety. Per the User Safety Policy, we we do not allow businesses that we feel may pose a harm to our users. (

We take many factors into consideration when assessing User Safety compliance. Our review is extensive and we cover a number of areas to ensure we are reaching an accurate conclusion. In many cases these issues are not fixable, as the fundamentals of the business itself is the primary concern. As always, you can contact support via email ( or submit a suspension appeal here. ( )

Do you think this is unfair?

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Gracious Store

11/17/2013 04:11 am

When it comes to adword Google does not want to compromise their pocket so they do everything to confuse people to use adword

Ahmad B.

11/17/2013 01:45 pm

Is that a YES or a NO for Tech Support ads? I been looking to get back on google with my ads. Not been successful. Is there a way we can get back on Google Adwords ?


11/18/2013 06:19 am

Google is concentrating in many issues like this. Google is much careful about presenting the SERP to the users. They want to deliver the most relevant and useful information to the searchers. That is why they are imposing such policy. I am also related to a tech support firm. But i find justification in their proceedings.

Spook SEO

11/18/2013 07:55 pm

There are numerous substitutes for AdWords. If you cannot work on them and find them really unfair, then, you just have to find the most suitable product for you. There are paid ones to give you a good start.

Carver Koch

11/19/2013 04:10 pm

As a few have posted below, Google wants their search users to have the best experience possible using the Google search engine. They want to be different than any other engine. This goes for their ads too. If you're suspected of advertising falsely or are known to be fraudulent, your ads will not be played. As long as you're doing things right you'll have nothing to worry about. This is only if you ARE doing something wrong and is applied to ALL AdWord users, not a select few.


02/06/2014 10:07 am

I am into tech support business and I want to run my ads on google adwords please let me know what precautions or policies I need to follow.

Jitender gill

04/03/2014 12:55 pm

Can you suggest a few substitute for adwords.


06/22/2014 10:44 am

Almost always, Google AdWords customers are left guessing why their ad campaigns have been suspended. Poshhub has moved is lucrative business elsewhere for that reason.

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