Google AdWords Manager Too Happy Over PageRank?

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too happyYou often don't find Googlers talking much about PageRank outside of to confirm any questions about it. So when I saw an AdWords representative named Eric, who has nothing to do with the organic side of things, create a thread at the Google AdWords Help forum about their PageRank, I was a bit shocked.

Eric from Google said he noticed that in the May 2012 PageRank update, the PageRank score for the new AdWords forum has increased to a PageRank of 7. He wrote that this is "quite an achievement" for a "new AdWords Community from scratch."

Well, I guess it is, for any new site to have a PageRank of 7 in just three months. But you are linked to from several pages.

I find it funny to see Googlers taking pride in Google property PageRank values, especially since Googlers are telling SEOs not to focus on that PageRank value.

In any event, congrats on the PR7!

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Eric Ward

05/11/2012 12:27 pm

Somebody check their backlinks...


05/11/2012 01:27 pm

This doesn't surprise me at all. Google AdWords Reps are not well advised on SEO. They don't care about SEO actually. I've met a few. They're nice people but they tend not to care about the technology, the algorithms, or the history of the organic side of the SERPs. Google AdWord reps care about ad-spend. They might care about Quality scores but probably not as much as you or I would like. They defiantly don't care about organic enough to understand the entertainment value of pagerank. Then again, thinking about a Google employee being excited about pagerank has been sort of entertaining.j


05/12/2012 06:15 am

Helped me laugh. Thanks. High PR is not new for Google-supported sites! But the celebration...


05/12/2012 12:02 pm

Google Adwords people are sales man - no connection with any tech issues what so ever. They sale ad space not SEO, PR or any other thing. Thy are - the majority - clue less with what google's product / products are about. :)

Joseph Smith

05/19/2012 01:03 am

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07/13/2012 08:03 pm

Pagerank matters a ton. If not, then would be higher than other las vegas printing company websites.

Scott Kaufman

07/19/2012 03:46 pm

I disagree. There are many things in addition to pagerank that can help outshine competition in the serps.

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