Google AdWords In-Search Campaigns Bug Really A Feature

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Google AdWords BugEarlier this month, we reported on a In-Search Video Google AdWords issue where advertisers were claiming in-search ads stopped working after upgrading to enhanced campaigns.

After some time, Google's Zuzana Stierankova Moran (aka Zee), came in with an update. The update basically said it is an upgrade, a feature, and not necessarily a bug.

She wrote:

You may have noticed some changes to in-search performance recently. This is related to a backend change to our ad serving system. We made this change so that in the future, we can bring you additional targeting features for your in-search campaigns (this includes topic, interest and demo targeting, as well as remarketing and frequency capping). We’re also actively working to ensure that performance on the new backend system is similar to that on the old one. As ever, however, we suggest you monitor your account to optimize the performance of your in-search campaigns.

So the reporting is new and thus different, but Google is working on making the numbers as "similar" to the old one as possible.

I just love how reporting can completely change based on who and what runs the report. Makes you question things, doesn't it.

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Gracious Store

09/01/2013 05:03 am

It is interesting what people thing is a bug is a really an update! What a confusion!


10/24/2013 07:22 am

About 3 months ago (after Google took over YouTube and changed 'the backend of their ad serving system') my Video Campaigns all stopped getting impressions (for the most part). I use to thousands of impressions and about 200+ views. Now, since the change, I only get 10 to 40 impressions on only a few Video Campaigns; and I am lucky to get 1 to 8 clicks a day. Google said (several times to me) that they would fix this problem soon; It's been over 3 months and I am still having this problem.


11/24/2013 10:42 am

As an active Google AdWords for Video advertiser, now 3 month later after this article, I can say that this is still more bug than a feature. Google still never integrated any new helpful features, in the same time their In-Search still not works correctly. A lot of keywords are not working even if you're set up $10.00 per view for them.

dean jackson

03/27/2014 01:57 pm

Here's a tip I'm using for my local biz its called day-parting. we saved a lot of money but scheduling our ads to appear during only business hours of the day. I guess there's a report (under the dimensions tab if I remember correctly) that allows you to analyze CPC and cost per conversion by hour of the day so you can just advertise during peak hours. We actually started a process of increasing our bids during those peak hours to push out our competitors during that time and we ended up reducing overall costs by doing this as well since its more targeted. I'm actually having my friend simon manage our adwords account, if you want to speak with him just email him at or 302-401-4478. Tell him your friends with Dean Jackson.

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