Beware: Google AdWord Enhanced Campaign Bug Turns Off Video Ads

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Google AdWords BugAbout a month ago, one Google AdWords advertiser reported a bug with upgrading to enhanced campaigns in the Google AdWords Help forum. He said that as soon as he upgraded, all of his ads stop showing up.

In short, all his ads have stopped showing up and not because of budget or quality issues - something was wrong.

A couple weeks later, a Google AdWords representative came in to explain this was related to upgrading to enhanced campaigns but specific to video ads. Zee from Google wrote:

All I can share with you at the moment is this: Our team has identified a technical issue which is causing a problem with AdWords for video.

I do not believe it was limited to video ads from what I've read in the thread.

Then on August 1st, Zee came back in and explained why the issue happened:

This issue is related to a backend change to our ad serving system, which we're making so that in the future, we can bring you additional targeting features. I don't have any time when it will be fixed, but our engineers are working on finding a fast fix.

Last night, Zee came back in and said the issue is now resolved. But is it?

Many of those who complained about the issue said it is not resolved. One advertiser wrote hours after Zee's message, "I still have 0 views on my 57 SEARCH keywords."

Do you have this issue? How can this be going on for a month!

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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08/07/2013 02:31 pm

I have this issue on my personal account. I'm only spending a few dollars per day going after what amounts to literally 10-20 keywords, but a couple days ago I got the "we upgraded you to enhanced campaigns" message and haven't seen a single ad impression yet.... down from 10s of thousands the days before.


08/09/2013 09:26 am

Enhanced video campaigns still do not works. And today at the 9th of August it is EXACTLY a month since my ads stopped running. I used spending about $350 a day, but for now no any activity. Not only zero views, but zero impressions. Yesterday got the latest response from Google AdWords manager. She still saying the same: "We know about problem. We are working on it, no deadlines though. Sorry for trouble". So I have no idea when it's going to be fixed.

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