Google Revamps The AdWords Auction Insights Video After Years

Jun 25, 2014 • 8:49 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Google AdWords Reporting IconYesterday, Google announced they've updated their AdWords auction explanatory video after almost five years. Both videos, the original and the new one, are by Hal Varian, Google's chief economist and both are over 8 minutes long.

Here is the new video:

Here is the old video from 2009:

The new video covers:

  • The key factors behind Ad Rank
  • How Ad Rank is calculated
  • Things to consider for maximizing Ad Rank

Google also released a detailed white paper on the model that explains:

  • How to use Quality Score as a diagnostic tool
  • Tips for optimizing the components of Quality Score
  • Key insights about what does and doesn’t matter in terms of the quality of your ads

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06/25/2014 01:10 pm

Hal Varian's variant video.


06/25/2014 02:44 pm

Basic bidding/ad rank information presented clearly. Great video for anyone getting started with AdWords.

Yo Mamma

06/25/2014 03:09 pm

What are adwords? I use ADBLOCKER in my browsers and never see any advertisements in my searches. I have no idea what the fuss is all about. Ah life is good


06/25/2014 08:32 pm

I manage a large AdWords campaign and I do the same thing at home. If I was a better person I would unblock Google search ads and stop biting the hand that feeds...meh.

Charu Rastogi

06/26/2014 04:43 am

Thanks Hal Varian for updating and sharing the video with us. As we have seen many updates are coming now and then so all the updates should be released by video...Hope you will implement this.


06/26/2014 07:38 am

haha, me too. Despite using AdWords on campaigns. Irony?


06/26/2014 07:39 am

I think the motive behind this video is to bore you to death so you just say "f**k it, I'll bid high, job done".


06/28/2014 06:05 am

good for innovation

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