Raven & SEOmoz Tools Blocked From Using Google AdWords API

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Google AdWords API logoKahena first discovered that Google was blocking access to their AdWords API on tools like SEOmoz and Raven.

Pamela from Search Engine Land received confirmation from Google that they do review and audit usage of the API and take action when necessary. Google said:

We regularly audit developers to make sure they comply with the terms of our AdWords API so that AdWords customers get the best experience when they use third-party applications.

Here is a screen shot from Kahena of SEOmoz stating the limited functionality issue:

click for full size

Pamela also has statements from both SEOmoz and Raven:

"We would like to tell you more, but it wouldn’t be appropriate," wrote Raven communications director Arienne Holland in a blog post. "What we can tell you is that Raven is committed to providing data from Google, and we're continuing the conversation with the AdWords team."

And SEOmoz product manager Tela Andrews wrote, "Google hasn't given us specific feedback on features that led to our credentials being removed. Without specific guidance, we would rather focus our efforts on getting replacement data from other sources."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Seems Raven has been restored.

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11/28/2012 02:38 pm

Do not get between Google and a dollar or they will crush you. They have no morals, not ethics, just greed. Search needs to be separated from their Ads division (Adwords) since Amit Singhal and other crooks manipulate search to increase adwords revenue.

Cody Sharp

11/28/2012 03:25 pm

It makes sense that Google doesn't want to get hit with a billion additional searches each day so these private held companies can provide a service they charge for to their users. Obviously they need to come to some sort of licensing agreement with Google to use their API (I thought Raven already had this). That being said, it would have been nice for Google to reach out and actually communicate this to the company before turning it off without warning.


11/28/2012 05:44 pm

Its very hard to know the motive behind this move. But this may have been a long time coming. I too have applied for an API and was rejected based on not meeting the lengthly requirements here https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/requirements. I had to get a bit more clever to extract the data I needed in the end. If it has to do with revenue generation then there is more than enough proof where this is going. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/5-killer-seo-insights-from-analyzing-a-billion-dollars-in-adwords-spend Logically, don't be surprised if Google started charging for access to search keyword data


11/28/2012 07:45 pm

Imagine what happens with Google Fiber...

WireNine Hosting

11/29/2012 02:32 am

Google never really maintains communication with you for usage of any products except for AdWords.


11/29/2012 08:49 am

yes, and looks like it will continues...

SEO Cognition

11/29/2012 09:16 am

I think it's safe to assume that everybody is really starting to hate Google. I hope they get their clock cleaned one day.


11/29/2012 09:25 am

What do people expect? If you use maps over a certain limit, you pay. If you use the Keywords API over a certain limit you pay. This has ALWAYS been the case. It will just be a billing or licensing issue.

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