Google's Publisher Quality Enforcer On User Generated Content & AdSense

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Google AdSense BanOne of the tricky parts of running a user generated content site is making sure the content your users are publishing on your web site is high quality enough to rank well after Google's Panda updates and won't get you banned from the AdSense program.

Google's Tomer Honen, a six-year Search Quality Strategist vet at Google and now the "Publisher Quality Enforcer" at Google, posted a new guideline document on the AdSense guidelines section named responsibility for user-generated content.

In short, the publisher of the site is responsible for all content on the site, even the content generated by users. If that content is not in accordance with Google's webmaster and AdSense guidelines, then you are out of luck.

Tomer Honen explained on Google+ the document is "designed to help AdSense Publishers manage policy-compliant networks and deal effectively with user-generated content."

Here are tips provided in that document to help publishers:

  • Educate your users about AdSense policies
  • Perform a human evaluation of each page or site before placing ad code there
  • Proactively review your top pages at least once a week
  • Add keywords filters, e.g. adult content, pay-to services, hacking content, gambling content, etc. Although we're unable to provide information on "keyword filtering" or "content filtering", you may wish to search for this information on Google.
  • Add a 'Report a violation' link to all pages with user-generated content

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Madhav Tripathi

03/06/2013 03:52 pm

This is very helpful for user generated content site owners. Google is not going to ban their account so easy. But this will force them to educate their users.

Jacob Klein

03/06/2013 05:46 pm

The only warning I've ever received from AdSense was because of this. Let a forum get out of control with spam forgot I even had AdSense running on it and they actually sent me an email indicating which pages were outside the ToS. They said I had 3 days to fix it IIRC. Don't rest on the fact that I got an email about it though. Make sure the sex/gambling stuff in particular is taken care of ASAP.

Alexander Edbom

03/06/2013 07:55 pm

You were lucky, usually they just ban you forever.


03/07/2013 03:43 am

Good article. I spend a good percentage of my time reviewing user generated content and writing a lot of code to automate filtering and blocking but it will always require a human eye. It is certainly worth the effort so far.

Tomer Honen

03/08/2013 09:34 am

Hi. This sounds very interesting - I'm always on the lookout for new ideas we can share with publishers to help them stay on top of user-generated content. If you're up to it, I'd be happy to chat about your system and maybe offer some ideas. Feel free to reach out to me via Google+ and we can take it from there.

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