Google Makes AdSense Faster Slowly

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Google AdSense FastGoogle has finally made AdSense faster.

Google promised in December 2009 to make the popular ad serving platform faster. Especially after promising to incorporate site speed in rankings and then webmasters noticing that their site speed was being negatively impacted by Google AdSense.

Google said:

AdSense ads, like any element on a webpage, usually contribute to the time the page takes to load. Last year, we ran tests that showed AdSense adding 12% on average to the time it took to load various pages from top web sites, so we set out to make this better. We've now developed a new ads delivery technique to improve the speed of websites that display AdSense ads, so that it doesn't slow down your page content. We're very happy to announce that we've eliminated this slowdown for the majority of websites and for a number of browsers, and are seeing pages load as much as a second faster than before.

What do you as a publisher with AdSense ads on your site need to do? Nothing. Google has done it for you. They basically made them load as iframes with the existing code, which means your page will load independently of the AdSense, thus not slowing down your web site.

Pamela Parker has more details from Google on how exactly it works at Search Engine Land.

Glad AdSene is now faster, but what took you so long?!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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03/20/2011 09:15 pm

Ironic that they would go the iframe route considering how opposed they had been to them a few years back. Good to hear that they have finally addressed the issue properly. By the way, I love the variety of links in your article - it makes it much easier to get more information on it from different sources.

Chad Nicely

03/21/2011 12:13 am

I too thought Google disapproves of Iframes? I also read on another blog tonight that Google has been split testing the way they display their Adsense Ads. I saw a few variations tonight. Very interesting this Google Monster. Keep up the good work. - Cheers, Chad

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