Google Accuses 64-Year Old Lady Of Automated Queries

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old lady using GoogleThis is pretty funny, a thread at the Google Web Search Help forums has an older lady telling Google that she is no longer allowed to use Google search because she is blocked.

Why was she blocked? Google blocked her because she is doing automated queries.

She wrote:

i am a 64 year old housewife who is being accused of using automated search procedures on a delapidated compaq hewellet packard discarded business laptop from the 2008 period.

Clearly this is a case of her router being open to the public or having some malware on her computer. There is no way this person is searching at automated computer speeds.

That being said, I find it funny that she went on here to tell Google off.

I guess she may switch to Bing?

I also know most 64 year olds do not look as old as the picture I used.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Image credit to BigStockPhoto for senior with computer

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Praveen Sharma

03/19/2013 12:14 pm

"I also know most 64 year olds do not look as old as the picture I used." - this line takes all the applause.. :)


03/19/2013 12:20 pm

It actually doesn't take typing at "computer speeds" to trigger the notice. I came across the same message a while ago and my router is password protected and I don't have malware. Heck, I was even playing around with Yandex and managed to trip their automated search query message. These search engines are too paranoid. Funny thing is people are still scraping them.

Paul Atherton

03/19/2013 01:14 pm

is the '2008 period' a particularly relevant era? and that's quite a string of adjectives, I'd like to know what she was searching for?

Johnny Bob

03/19/2013 01:21 pm

It is not that difficult to get a temporary ban from Google for doing automated queries. I have triggered this before just by browsing through the search results. If you look deep into the results (past the first 10 pages or so) Google begins to assume that you are no longer human and makes you verify yourself quite often by typing in some letters.Fail and all of a sudden you are temporarily banned from Google search.

Jamie Knop

03/19/2013 01:46 pm

Funniest part of this post "I also know most 64 year olds do not look as old as the picture I used."

Michael Martinez

03/19/2013 03:14 pm

Actually, it's pretty easy to trigger the automated queries block when you're searching by hand if you change the queries rapidly. I occasionally run into the CAPTCHA page by doing that and about 1/3 of the time I am eventually blocked.

Bonnie Kaczmarek

03/19/2013 06:26 pm

That's the first thing I thought when I read the post. It's no way a picture of a woman in her 60's.


03/19/2013 10:20 pm

Knowledge Graph always throws me the CAPTCHA after about 5/6 - its so easy to glide through that and it eventually gets annoyed. Ironic they made something so easy to jump through, but at same time don't track or understand that turnover/usage of that feature Hear same of many


03/20/2013 06:40 am

Anyone can post that they are a XX year old housewife, etc. I call BS!!

SEO Professional

03/20/2013 06:06 pm

This looks so good on them, this needs some international attention! Dictator Adolf Google


03/27/2013 12:57 pm


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