Link Building Through Old GeoCities Links?

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Geocities LinksA WebmasterWorld thread has interesting discussion around a link building strategy of looking for sites that link to old GeoCities web pages.

As you know, GeoCities was shutdown by Yahoo in October 2009. There are still many sites that link to old GeoCities sites and one tactic link buildings love to use is to inform webmasters of broken links and suggest they link to their site.

That being said, do you think it is worth going through the process of discovering who is linking to old GeoCities sites and then reaching out to those webmasters to link to your site?

You have to understand that is is almost two years since GeoCities was killed and maybe the sites linking to those pages are also pretty much dead? Or maybe not?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Black Seo Guy

07/20/2011 01:51 pm

Personally I will say know, but you never know what a link for geo will do for your seo campaign. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

Michael Martinez

07/20/2011 04:57 pm

Some people are so desperate they'll do anything for links, so what does it matter?  I have been updating all my links to GeoCities pages to do one of three things: 1) Point to an appropriate page 2) Point to an Archive.Org image of the old page 3) Unlink the text

SEO Services

07/21/2011 10:42 am

This is best method if someone want to promote their site in local areas.

SEO Professionals

07/31/2011 11:09 pm

The real loss in the closing of Geocities was the removal of all the sites from the web. Some remain in archival sites like and Archive Team. Geocities and other free web hosting sites represent a unique time in history. It was the first time that information and publicity were really democratized.


01/15/2012 05:12 am

Are there any other sites like Geocities? I really liked Geocities and the way they had everything set up.

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