SEOs Give Away A Lot Of Free SEO Advice

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give away for freeAbout a month ago, we polled you guys asking How Much SEO Advice Do You Give Before Asking For Money?

We had about 315 responses and I wanted to share the nice results with you.

Most of you are willing to give away SEO advice for free.

Only 2.5% of those who replied said they never give any free SEO advice, not a stitch of it. Most do give some level of free SEO advice prior to asking for money. However, 3.8% of you give away all SEO advice for free. So more SEOs give away all their advice for free than withhold it all.

Here is the break down on how much SEO advice do you give away?

  • 56% give away a little advice
  • 24% give away half of their advice
  • 10.5% give away most of their advice
  • 3.8% give away all their advice
  • 2.5% don't give away any advice

SEO Advice Poll

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04/26/2011 12:25 pm

I am one of those 4% because if I make someone happy today, I might change the world. If they feel like paying me they will pay me probably more than I would ask for.

Sachin Sharma

04/27/2011 11:40 am

Ask me any time :P

Bill Sterzenbach

04/27/2011 03:16 pm

I often compare SEO advice to legal advice. If you ask your lawyer a quick question while on the phone he may not bill you for the time. In effect he gave you free advice. The difference is that little thought went into the response, and he probably didn't probe much to determine the right answer to your question. This is how I give SEO advice when asked off-handedly. Remember whenever you get a quick bit of free advice, your mile may vary


05/12/2011 07:51 am

If we think from our bread & butter end then i will definitely from 56 percent ratio. You can't give every thing for free if you are earning from it.

SEO Chester

06/06/2011 09:43 am

These figures seem a bit ridiculas to me to be honest! Before any self respecting businessman/woman would agree to have SEO work completed on their website they clearly require some advice that will put them in good stead to actually believe the job can be done to a good level and be of benefit to them in a ROI basis!

Marketing Automation

06/27/2012 03:55 pm

Indeed, there are many websites and blogs that provide their thoughts on how to make their SEO work more effective. Thanks for this kind of information. I am glad that you post nice article.

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