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Facebook Home PhoneDoubt any of you missed the news yesterday afternoon that Facebook announced Facebook Home, which is basically Facebook backed into an Android phone - aka a Facebook phone.

Facebook says this is a way to turn your "Android phone into a great, living, social phone."

How does it differ?

(1) Cover feed, which replaces your home or lock screen by streaming stuff from Facebook there. Stuff like what your friends are sharing on Facebook.

(2) Chat heads, allows you to chat with friends even when using other apps.

(3) Notifications, which shows you more important Facebook notifications with their picture.

(4) Apps and more...

It is coming to the Google Play Store starting April 12 and it works on the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung GALAXY Note II. It will also come preinstalled via HTC and AT&T on some devices.

For more on home see here and the video below:

More details at Techmeme and see Danny's write up on Search Engine Land named While "Facebook Home" Keeps Google, Search Is Harder To Reach.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/05/2013 01:23 pm

They're about 4 years too late on this. I would rather have a bricked phone than a phone dedicated to dying network.

Jerry Nordstrom

04/05/2013 03:23 pm

The ad is actually done very well as it ties emotions to functionality and a lifestyle. Interestingly there is a classic generational divide here. Folks in my gen of 40 somethings have an instant vitriolic reaction - I would NEVER allow Facebook nor any company dominate my ecosystem. Yet, there is a massive "new" generation of users that have no issue with allowing a company to monitor, capture and mine every intimate interaction they have in their lives. This new generation will give away their privacy freely, never question the big picture and think the old generation is well... just old... and out of touch.


04/07/2013 12:14 am

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04/08/2013 08:39 am

Great tool.Can see how the Hipster crowd cannot wait to jump on the Facebook Home bandwagon. Only drawbacks I see with this, is the rise in cost of mobile data usage and quicker draining of phone battery life and the fact that Facebook will now have access to your info 24/7. That is all :)

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