Chartelligence Overlays Panda Updates On Your Analytics

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This is one of those, "why didn't I think of that?" The concept is so simple, overlay data such as Panda updates on top of your Google Analytics. This way you can see if a Panda update correlates will a increase or decrease in your analytics.


It also works with Quantcast, along with Google Analytics. The developer, Oren Sol, said more are to come.

The overlay data points include:

  • Google Panda Updates
  • Google Penguin Updates
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Holiday Data
  • Economic Data

Now, I do not know the data sources for the dates but I am sure they are close enough.

This comes as a free Chrome extension that you can download over here.

Here is the video demo:

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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10/01/2012 02:05 pm

Great find, Barry!

Brittany Highland

10/01/2012 02:31 pm

Panguin Tool by Barracuda Digital also does this. The user interface is great and connecting to Analytics is so fast and easy. Helpful visuals to use with clients.


10/02/2012 08:34 am

doesn't work for me!

Oren Solomianik

10/02/2012 05:34 pm

Hi SEOMan, I will be happy to help you make things work or figure out why it's not working for you, please email me using the contact form on the Chartelligence site.

Jason Hughes

10/02/2012 10:54 pm

We added notes on the timeline each time an update was announced - but this is neat. I like the idea of the holidays and economic data.

Bobby T

10/03/2012 06:22 pm

Downloaded the tool but can't figure out how to get it to actually overlay on my analytics graphs? Anyone have any suggestions?


11/06/2012 09:20 pm

Same here. Installed in Chrome, but nothing shows up when I hover over an Analytics chart.


04/25/2013 09:06 am

Installed by when i press "Amaze Me" all data bars (updates/holidays etc.) are on left edge not on graph :( No matter what date range i choose, info bars are stacked to the left edge


05/16/2013 10:00 am

If you get bars all the way to the left, this usually happens because you are using Analytics in a language other than English. Until there's a fix released, you can change Analytics display language to English, and the extension will work as it should.

Dean Rowe

07/22/2014 02:58 pm

Unfortunately the plugin has now stopped working. If anyone knows of an alternative please let me know!

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