Bing Maps Driving Directions Improved

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Bing MapsThe Bing Maps blog announced that they have revamped their algorithm for determining driving directions.

They went from the "Dijkstra" algorithm as their routing engine to a new one they named "Customizable Route Planning." The new algorithm is twice as fast in calculating driving directions - try it, it does seem incredibly snappy and also offers alternative routes, up to three.

Bing Maps

Chris Pendleton from Microsoft said, "for any of our route calculations we’re now processing requests twice as fast as we ever have." "We exposed a feature in the API for alternate routes, so when you’d like to see additional options for the route you can request up to 3 routes in one request using the maxSolutions method,:" Chris added.

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Yasir Khan - online marketer

01/10/2012 02:14 pm

Microsoft continues investing on and enhancing Bing, with the hopes that it will eventually eat into Google's usage market share. Beefing up Bing's Maps search engine is key in achieving these aspirations. In contrast , Google remains the dominant player in search... Where is yahoo from all this! @+


01/11/2012 05:50 am

 Yahoo and Bing both are one now, we can say two phase of one body...but i think it is better option to see additional options for the rout in one request to find any location and understand requested location in an easy way.

Dirty seagull

01/11/2012 10:17 am

I think Bing need to think of something new rather than doing the samethings as Google, although if Google start charging for maps, the Bing will see results 

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