Encyclopedia Britannica Answers Now In Bing Search

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Bing With Encyclopedia BritannicaBing announced they now have Encyclopedia Britannica answers directly in their search results. Microsoft Bing said, "we're excited to announce a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica to include Britannica Online answers directly in the Bing results page."

The answers are within the search results, not on the right side, left side or at the top or bottom - typically they are found in the search results within the other organic results.

Here is a picture:

Encyclopedia Britannica In Bing

I wonder how much traffic this is sending to Encyclopedia Britannica?

Google's new knowledge graph works differently where they show a Wikipedia snapshot on the right hand side.

Try searching akebia on Google vs Bing, which do you like better?

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Pia Kreisman

06/12/2012 04:18 am

I think that this would be very helpful to a lot of people especially to students since it is very obvious these days that students would rather use the computer than read a book in making their assignments. Since the internet these days can be used anywhere- public facilities such as library or shopping malls, it will be easier for people to look for the meaning of a word through their mobile phones or laptops.

Mohammed ALAMI

06/13/2012 01:38 pm

Cannot understand why Bing/Britannica doesn't work here in Canada ! It's always the same issue we need to add pws=0 use proxy ..etc it's really desappointing while we work both for same clients (USA + Canada)

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