Bing Catapult Is Like Google's Caffeine Update

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Bing CatapultBing announced they are going to get faster, twice as fast to be exact.

Microsoft said:

For the first time ever, the quality of Bing’s page ranking will be driven not only by great algorithms but also by hardware - incredibly advanced hardware that can be made more highly specialized than anything ever seen before at datacenter scale.

Wired reports:

The FPGAs are 40 times faster than a CPU at processing Bing’s custom algorithms, Berger says. That doesn’t mean Bing will be 40 times faster–some of the work is still done by those Xeon CPUs–but Microsoft believes the overall system will be twice as fast as Bing’s existing system.

This is similar maybe to Caffeine in terms of speeding up the search results. Although, Caffeine was less about the hardware, I believe, and more about the internal infrastructure of the code, data and so forth.

When will this roll out? Unsure, but they are testing it.

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06/18/2014 01:17 pm

So basically it is nothing like Caffeine at all. They are updating hardware. WTF?


06/18/2014 01:41 pm

Search engines are constantly under pressure to present "relevant" results "instantaneously" - by giving Bing 40X more time to refine their results, you can expect huge changes. Whether these changes will be Caffeine-like is still something we'll have to see.


06/18/2014 08:54 pm

Giving you useless results faster. Yay.


06/18/2014 10:33 pm

oh wow... the tiny percent of people hanging out at bing for search will really notice the difference. I doubt their servers take much of a hammering anyway. You could probably run bing off a zx81


06/18/2014 10:49 pm

If would be great if this led to faster indexing of new pages, but I'm skeptical.

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