Google News Updates Algorithm & Drops Many Publishers?

Dec 1, 2010 • 7:55 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Over the past few weeks, I have seen an influx of both complaints about Google News Spam and publishers being dropped out of the Google News index. I honestly felt they went hand in hand.

I'll point out two threads at Google News Help Forums. The first mentions a tweet by Googler Matt Cutts who said:

The news folks are actually starting a nice crackdown on low-quality/spammy news sources.

People have been asking for Google News to step up on their spam detection and they are still asking for it today. I've complained about it a couple times this year, see second thread has a complaint from a smaller publisher as well. He said:

Google News team now stared its DB cleaning and most of the news websites and it is a great step by Google News team to clean spam websites.In this cleaning, many small news websites getting out from Google news on daily basis.But in this cleaning many good websites are vanishing from GNews and the main cause behind this is only a mistake did by the publishers.

I don't think anything immediate will happen with this. They will probably use all this feedback to continually tweak the algorithms and spam detection techniques but this is the nature of the beast - from what I understand.

Forum discussion at Google News Help Forums.

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Zennie Abraham

12/01/2010 02:48 pm

This "cleaning" has nothing to do with getting rid of spammy pubishers. I was a Google News publisher who's posts were EXACTLY THE SAME as those I wrote at the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. Google staff agreed, and my blog was in. Now it's not. This is a product of the "Hot News Doctrine" case, and Google's not wanting to get sued, so it picks on bloggers. This idea of "bad publishers" is a joke.

Michael Martinez

12/01/2010 05:42 pm

So we can look forward to seeing the Huffington Post removed then? And TechCrunch? That might be a positive step in the right direction....


12/02/2010 01:30 pm

Hi, Thank you for sharing this. Just FYI, I tried to look for this article from the page: and found it towards the end. I think the re-designed however is either not picking up the URL or re-directing it to the home page. If you click on this particular article pages link from the link above in my comment you will see the link above takes it to the home page. Good Design though, thought I'd drop in a note so you guys to fix this :)

Michael Butler

12/02/2010 03:24 pm

Thanks for pointing that out. But in this case, when you searched for "google drops sites", one of the search results was actually the SERoundtable home page, it just happened to have this article's snippet on the home page at the time of indexing.

John Lewis Sales

04/22/2011 10:39 am

It badly effected the affiliate marekting ppl now ppl cant fool ppl around like before

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