Google's Rosa Parks Logo & Yahoo's AIDS Day Logo

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If you visit Google today, you will see a special logo for Rosa Parks. The logo is of kids near a bus and adults on the bus. The text behind the logo reads, "55th Anniversary: Rosa Parks refuses to move." When you click on the logo, you are taken to a search result in Google for [rosa parks].

It is not her birthday, she was born in 1913 on February 4th. Today, on December 1, 1955, she refused to obey bus driver orders for her to give her seat up for a white passenger. Rosa Parks was a historic civil rights activist who was coined "the first lady of civil rights", and "the mother of the freedom movement."

Google remembered her today, on that historic day with the following logo:

Google Rosa Parks refuses to move

As you may also know, today is World AIDS Day. Some are upset with Google that they don't at least have a ribbon under the search box. If you visit Yahoo, you will see a nice flash or static logo for the day leading to Here they are:



Yahoo AIDS day

Yea, Google should have added a ribbon some where.

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David Sancho

12/01/2010 02:04 pm

WOW Rosa did not give up her seat=What a hero= what a joke- GOOOGLE should be ashamed. She is no icon.


12/01/2010 02:22 pm

Ok, so have you ever even heard of the Civil Rights Movement David? Do you know anything about American history and what African American people had to go through to get the same rights and liberties as White Americans? Yes today is important for current events, but Rosa Parks not giving up her seat was a MONUMENTAL day in history and should be honored. PS-I'm a white girl saying this...learn your history man.


12/01/2010 02:37 pm

We can't please everyone. The choice to have Rosa Parks is one I appreciate. Should there have been a red ribbon in every window of the bus, the kids wearing them on their clothes, drops of rain in the form of red ribbons, clouds in the shape of red ribbons, and etc., maybe. We can't please everyone. Good day to all.

Luq Asramon

12/01/2010 02:37 pm

Rosa Parks rocks! Daivd you have a lilliputian mind. It's a shame that it's 2010 and people are still ignorant to the Civil Rights Movement.


12/01/2010 02:40 pm

Umm, I agree with Sharee. Im a white boy who's 14. I do agree that this should be honored, blacks went through so much to get where they are today and they need to be honored for all that suffering they went through. Have just a little respect for them.


12/01/2010 02:41 pm

Umm, I agree with Sharee. Im a white boy who's 14. I do agree that this should be honored, blacks went through so much to get where they are today and they need to be honored for all that suffering they went through. Have just a little respect for them.


12/01/2010 02:46 pm

Rosa Parks made an important step in equalization. It's a memory of something terrible that got better. It shows hope. Thank you, Google.


12/01/2010 02:55 pm

I find it quite interesting that this is even a topic of conversation let alone a debate. I understand why some would want the red ribbon posted for awareness but the need to commemorate and remember the struggles African-Americans have been through in this country is forefront.

Joe Green

12/01/2010 02:57 pm

Rosa Parks is an icon regardless of what you think. If you think that the Civil Rights Movement had or has no effect on AIDS Awareness, you are sadly mistaken. Had it not be for the precedence, we would probably still be calling it GRID (check your history if you don't know what that is). Respect the people upon which shoulders you stand.


12/01/2010 03:02 pm

I'm shocked to hear all this. I saw the Rosa Parks image today and was just looking for a way to tell Google - AWESOME job when I saw the critical remarks. Personally thought this was one of Google's best. Such a wonderful woman (and movement) to commemorate this way.


12/01/2010 03:14 pm

big deal, as if a "world AIDS day" doesn't seem like an odd thing to have either. not trying to be insensitive, i'm sure i'm pretty well uninformed on what it is exactly anyway, just trying to make a point an interesting thought, though, I bet rosa parks was just a "right place, right time" kinda thing that made her so famous. gotta figure there were at least one or two other people who did it before her, and should be the real 'historic figure' we remember today


12/01/2010 03:21 pm

yea google coulda put a red ribbon..but the gov...can put the cure to aids out to!!


12/01/2010 03:22 pm

yea google coulda put a red ribbon..but the gov...can put the cure to aids out too!!

Suresh Yalamanchili

12/01/2010 03:28 pm

Just because people are wanting a red ribbon does not necessary mean its the right thing. What does the red ribbon do besides making people aware. Aware of what? That we have 6 billion people on this planet with limited resources and we are all selfish. Why do you think we are in a world resection. Being aware doesn't do shit. It's just makes people more depressed.

David B

12/01/2010 03:34 pm

Rosa Parks is a symbol and we need symbols. We cannot commemorate every act of bravery or every martyr's death but we need seminal events like Rosa Park's refusal and Dr King's speech and Medgar Ever's assassination to remind us of the sacrifices that were made for Civil Rights. Aids day is also needed to remind us of the 30,000,000 who have died of this disease. The fact they are on the same day doesn't lessen the importance of either. Google chose one and may make some people mad. I don't know and won't guess about their decision making.


12/01/2010 04:19 pm

It's a lovely logo and a perfect way to remember all that has been accomplished by people who are forced to fight for the right to be treated like humans. Whether it's Chinese or Irish or Hispanic laborers, African-Americans riding a bus, LGBT servicemembers, Women voters...we all need to remember that a future where children have no idea any of that was even an issue is the point.


12/01/2010 04:38 pm

hey David Sancho: your ignorance is the exact reason why Google is commemorating Ms. Parks and not World Aids Day. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. Kudos to Google for remembering Ms. Parks and her courage.


12/01/2010 04:49 pm

We celebrate July 4th, 1776 as the birth of our nation, but also recognize it as the birthday of freedom. Sadly 179 years later our black citizens still did not have the same liberties and freedoms as their white brothers. These black men and women paid their taxes, raised their families and even gave their lives defending the freedoms that they themselves did not fully enjoy. On a field in Lexington a "shot was fired that was heard around the world". Had we known who was the farmer, husband or brother who fired that first shot our country would glorify him as a patriot and hero to this day. And certainly Google would have a doodle of this person. Rosa Parks is indeed a hero. Her actions were the shot that was heard around the world. She did not ask for the attention, nor did she know the depth her actions would carry. She was merely brave enough to demand her liberty. David, it makes me sad that there are those who deny people their freedoms to this very day and even in this very country. It makes me sad that there are those who do not give respect where it is earned. If we as human beings do not learn how to respect and treat each others as equal we are destined to limit the number of days we walk this earth.

Roie S

12/01/2010 08:50 pm

Congratulations for the new and improved design!!

Barry Schwartz

12/01/2010 09:35 pm

Thanks, I have a post on the design at

Mary Lhowe

12/02/2010 12:51 am

this is a complaint about the Rosa Parks image -- not related to AIDS. Google artist: are you out of your mind??? Are you even dimly aware of who Rosa Parks was and the historic crisis that was the Civil Rights movement in this country? This picture belongs in a Dick, Jane, and Sally primer. Or on Sesame Street. Gamboling children??? The Montgomery bus boycott was a time of sacrific and intimidation. Pictures from that time are of police dogs attacking marchers and fire hoses bowling over black children. This is just bizarre in its ignorance. Can we look forward to images of circus clowns at Ground Zero next September?


12/02/2010 02:41 am

Let's hear it for a case of sore feet... not sore-heads of 55 years ago. Like Rosa, freedom & relatedly; 'Monte Vista thimkin' post '64, 'tis beyawn'd words ' ...a maybe worth a google even for sore'eads. drj360


12/02/2010 02:49 am

My problem with this situation is understanding why so many people are taking google's symbols with so much importance. I understand its fun to go onto google and see what picture they have for a particular day, but I'm also pretty sure that we can all live without googles images. If google had put no picture today I think everyone would have gone through the day just fine.


12/02/2010 02:52 am

David B. Write on...! Carry on &, please sir Carry it on for Rosa Parks et al who turned sore feet into action worth both a USA Yahoo! ... & beyawn'd words & $... a google dJ 360


10/01/2013 07:52 pm

was she from detroit?

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