Google Showing Related Brands, Stores & Types In Results

Nov 1, 2010 • 8:24 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google has been testing a form of related or search refinements for brand searches for several months now. But now I am seeing a new refinement that adds Stores and Types to the Brand refinement.

I was able to replicate it for the search [diamonds] and [cameras]. Here are screen shots:

Google Related : Brands, Stores & Types

Related Google

The refinements are simple, you click on it, it replaces your search for a combination of your current search and adds on the keyword(s) from the refinement you selected.

A WebmasterWorldthread has one member liking this, saying "Way to expand Google...I like this!" Truth be told, in my opinion, Google is now promoting big brands on two levels and then allowing further refinements, through the type selection. But the two top links are brands and then stores and to fit within either of those sections, you got to be big.

What do you think?

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11/01/2010 12:52 pm

yet again another way to move the serps down the page.. Another update I hate :( Suggested store and brand are really off.. Amazon = socks... interesting shoes/trainers/footwear doesn't trigger it but socks does... Nor Video cameras hmmm :(


11/01/2010 01:20 pm

But I swore a Google engineer said "we don't really think of brands" on a video on Youtube. ;) clearly somebody is. might be someone in the AdWords department :D

Keri Morgret

11/01/2010 08:15 pm

I'd like to be able to manually trigger this (like you can wonder wheel or timeline). I'd use it for keyword research (and negative keyword research), as it's one more way of Google telling you what it thinks is related and what you might see as a broad match. The terms boats, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, computers, laptop, and desktop all generated these types of results. I noticed that eBay is listed in a store in most of these results. Also, the "types" have some bugs, as a laptop type was listed as "computers"


11/02/2010 08:45 am

google is turning evil. Google is now punishing content owners and favoring big guys. Both the content owners and google search users might get pissed off.

Rob Kingston

11/02/2010 10:26 pm

Who's going to buy their diamonds from eBay? Bit of a shonky suggestion...

Steve Mayes

11/17/2010 10:17 pm

I have a client that has a bigger and better brand than their some of the competitors that are showing up on the related brands list. What can we do to get on that list? Any ideas??

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