Google Stop Indexing Blogger (Blogspot) Posts

Oct 22, 2010 • 8:17 am | comments (15) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

For a couple days now, I have been spotting random threads with complaints from Blogger aka bloggers that Google has stopped indexing and ranking their new blog posts in Google web search.

It turns out to be a large problem. A Google Webmaster Help thread has tons of bloggers upset with a recent change. It appears to be a bug either on the Blogger side or on the GoogleBot side.

JohnMu from Google said:

Thanks for posting about this issue. We've been tracking and reviewing these reports and have passed your feedback on to the teams to review. I'll check through these specific sites mentioned here and post back as I know more. Feel free to post more examples if you feel they aren't similar to previously mentioned ones.

Google is looking into this, we are still not sure where the bug resides or how large the bug is, but it is an issue.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Update: The issue should now be resolved, please see our update for more information.

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10/22/2010 01:01 pm

Is this only for the new bloggers? I still see my blog ranked and driving search engine traffic!


10/22/2010 02:15 pm

Mine's still doing fine. Last few posts got indexed in under 30 seconds of posting.

No Name

10/22/2010 03:16 pm

It's not just blogger blogs, my wordpress blog is experiencing the same issue and the reports of this bug are widespread on wordpress forums


10/22/2010 04:08 pm - nope.. working fine.. but i don't sell ads, do affiliate, etc..


10/22/2010 04:37 pm

I noticed this too but was not sure what the deal was. I created a Top 50 Forum post but it has not been crawled. So i added another and pinged Google. Still not indexed. I need these posts indexed so I can publish the content else where too. There is nothing worst than publishing something only to have it scrapped and pubbed elsewhere. So I will be following the thread on the Google Support Forum!


10/23/2010 04:17 am

It's also happen to my 5 websites including many other high ranking websites. There are many forum posts created for this issue.


10/23/2010 09:23 am

It got something to do with canonical urls. Some say that they turned it off in Wordpress and posts got indexed again. Lets hope G fix it soon.


10/23/2010 05:18 pm

This Problem Starts On 19th October 2010,And this is still Not Resolve By Google Team, They Are Working To Resolve This Bug,Hopefully After Some Days They Would Resolve This Issue,Because many Blog Users Are Upset Due To This Issue.


10/23/2010 05:21 pm

This Problem Stars On 19 October 2010 and its still not resolve and many blog users are upset because there post are not been index by Google boot or spider, Adsence Team Member Reply Yesturday On This Question That they would try to Resolve this issue, hope fully they would fix this bug soon.


10/23/2010 07:47 pm

There's been an improvement in the indexing. I Think Google has fixed the problem.


10/25/2010 03:57 am

I;ve notice this serval days and my blogspot is not indexed I pinged this submit rss and even get some links for it still no index

John Mueller

10/25/2010 09:21 am

For what it's worth, this issue should be resolved now. It may still take a day or two for the content from that timeframe to be indexed, but new content should be getting indexed normally. If you are still seeing issues with indexing of new content, it's likely to be a different problem & I would recommend posting in our help forum with all the details. Thanks!

DAvid H.

11/03/2010 12:08 am

I think the non-indexing problem with Google blogspots is corrected now. Did anybody notice that the entire site was down for several minutes yesterday afternoon (Phoenix time)? I think "bugs" will always be a part of the Internet - and we shouldn't get too upset with things such as Google not indexing the blogspot blogs happen. It just happens. - David


02/14/2011 08:57 pm

I don't know if it happens again. Normally a blogspot or get indexed very quickly by Google. But not with my blogspot site. Although I have do some linking from my existing other blog, pinging and commenting. Is it a bug, or Google has changed again the way they indexing. Any updates, please? Thanks so much


02/20/2012 08:04 pm

Blogger is for family posts it will never be a big site or blog if u use plogspot never, switch to wp or any other cms ! if u want to

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