Google's New SEO Starter Guide

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googlebotGoogle has announced the release of a new SEO starter guide. You can download the expanded PDF version over here.

Google first published their SEO starter guide two years ago. After it has been translated to 40 languages, they released a new one. The new one adds:

  • Glossary to define terms throughout the guide
  • More example images to help you understand the content
  • Ways to optimize your site for mobile devices
  • Clearer wording for better readability

They also released a picture of Google bot, shown above. Want a higher resolution version? I have one over here.

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09/29/2010 03:26 pm

It's so promotes forward! google clearly stronger than its competitors. He simply has no rivals!


09/29/2010 04:40 pm

For the historically curious, the original cardboard robot that is the model for this cute little cartoon Googlebot was built as part of a team-building activity by a cubicle of the Search Quality team. Several other robots were built, but this one was picked (at random perhaps, but more likely because it was the cutest) as the picture to accompany the Webmaster Central blog post "First Date with the Googlebot" by Maile Ohye (link below). He appears to be evolving, now, though... the original, you may note, did not have buttons on his chest... or legs. I'm curious to see where it goes. For his original public debut, see:

John Mueller

09/29/2010 08:50 pm

Thanks for the story, Bergy! So in a way, you were there when Googlebot was born? :-) I love how the graphics turned out!


09/30/2010 07:21 am

This shows a positive signs about SEOs


09/30/2010 11:15 am

It's a good reference for web developers and also a great manual for SEO beginners.

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