Google News Search Bug or Feature?

Sep 15, 2010 • 9:00 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Since May, there have been complaints in the Google Web Search Help forum about Google News not sticking with the search query you entered after clicking on the "all x articles" link on a search result.

You can replicate this yourself by following these steps:

1. Go to Google News 2. Search for anything 3. Find "aggregated" item and click on "all x articles"

You will then notice the search box is blank.

Here is a short screencast demonstrating this:

Again, it was reported at Google Web Search Help in May and then reported again at the Google News Help forum.

The first report didn't really specify Google News, so Googlers didn't understand it, nor did I. But this makes sense.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help and Google News Help.

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09/15/2010 07:03 pm

I see it as a feature. Once you have clicked the link to see all of the articles pertaining to that particular subject, you are no longer looking at a "search results" page. Maybe it might be nice to have a "back to search results" link, but isn't that what the back browser button is for? To me, it would be misleading to see the search term in the search box while the results below are not actually a result-set for a search for that term but, is instead, a list of grouped articles based on only one of the results of that previous search. Of course, it is a sign of inconsistency when you look at other Google products, but since when has Google ever been consistent? Whenever they work towards a goal of universalizing various services, they have already begun on a new goal... so it's rare to see complete consistency among their services at any given time.

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