Some Clues On Making Unique Content From Google

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I spotted an interesting thread at Google Webmaster Help where a manufacturer is upset that his vendors outrank him for his own products. The manufacturer provides an XML feed for their vendors and resellers to use and sell, but it is the same content the manufacturer uses on his own site.

He asked what he can do to make sure Google knows that his site is the source of this content and thus rank higher than his resellers? In that, Google's JohnMu replied offering a glimpse of insight into how to differentiate his content and make it unique enough for Google to find it rank worthy.

JohnMu spoke a bit about the Google algorithms, saying:

Our algorithms don't count characters, but they try to find unique content in a sense. I wouldn't worry too much about the length, I'd just make sure that you have pages about your software on your site that do not contain just the content that you're syndicating via the XML file. Adding a sentence or two is one way to do this, even better would be to make it completely unique. Keep in mind that the unique content is not only for Googlebot -- your visitors will want to see it too. As the developer of your software, I'd assume that you would know it much better than the other sites, so as a user, I would expect to find more and more detailed information on your site. I bet that's already the case, so perhaps you're already all set :).

Key take-aways?

  • Character count not important
  • Unique "sense" is important
  • Two unique sentences may do the trick
  • Use content your not sending to resellers

None of this is crazy, but we do see Google saying things that they may not have said in the past. Such as the length of the content is not important, a sentence or two may be enough to make it unique enough and something about "unique sense."

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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No Name

08/24/2010 02:08 pm

It also make sense not to syndicate all the contents


08/24/2010 05:21 pm

As someone that works on sites on both end of this discussion (manufacturers and resellers), this is neat information. It will be interesting to test out some of the suggestions and see if they work, and how long it takes to affect positioning. Thanks.

Alan Bleiweiss

08/24/2010 06:07 pm

I'd bet "character count isn't important" is a relative notion. If there are ten sites all with the same general amount of content, and if all other factors are equal, then content depth would most definitely be important.


08/25/2010 11:12 am

Good article. Makes sense that the manufacturer should naturally have more information than sites that simply syndicate the product info so it's just a case of pointing this out to Google. I'd also imagine the manufacturer site already has much more authority than the sites using the syndicated content, so adding some unique content to that page would fix rankings very quickly.

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