Can One Solid Link Boost Your Search Rankings?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has one person claiming he received a PageRank 7 link from the almighty web site. After about a week, his ranking has not moved. He asked:

I'm not seeing anything measurable from Goog. How long might it take to even see a 10% boost?

The person did say he has a nice traffic boost from the link, but no ranking boost. Why not?

Could be a bunch of reasons:

(1) Google didn't pick up the link yet. (2) The link is nofollowed or blocked from passing link juice some how (3) Google manually doesn't count links from specific sections of a site (4) Just needs more time

Tedster added:

I once saw a link on a PR 8 page by Doc Searls do absolutely nothing to rankings for the target site. It did, however, bring in a lot of direct traffic. It was experiences like this that taught me to dig a lot deeper into Google's ranking algorithm.

I don't think anyone would turn down a link from Apple, with or without it passing any link juice. So he should be happy either way.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/13/2010 01:44 pm

Maybe it's just because the Google toolbar is not updated in real time... Did this user saw differences on SERPS ?


08/13/2010 03:47 pm

/\ /\ /\ stupid comment alert... nice one Kali...


08/13/2010 04:05 pm

I'm of the opinion that the longevity of a link is as important as a link itself. Dude just has to be patient and not screw anything up.

Sean Hecking

08/13/2010 08:18 pm

I agree that the link needs some time. Worth a look into Google Webmaster tools to see if the link has been updated and the date. Also check the cache date of the linking page (if it has one).


08/14/2010 12:40 pm

Google ranking updates are not real time but there is nothing to worry about as a link from pr7 is always going to boost the ranking.

Jacob maslow

08/15/2010 07:14 am

I got a do follow link from a pr7 site with non real effect on seps It was an article I wrote about my6sense (a free rss reader iPhone app). It was a guest post I did so the link was pretty prominent. I will try to be patient. It's only been a week or two. Nice to get that exposure. Maybe the fact that it was about seo and the site Is an ecommerce site?

Adriana Smith

08/16/2010 05:40 am

As per my thinking every link is worthy. I have seen links that are some what hidden within the background color, just a bit darker than the background color. Even then Google is showing them as a backlink for the site and the site is ranking well on SERP.

Simon Howland

08/16/2010 09:26 am

This strikes me as more than a little vague. How many links on the page, was it a footer link or a content link, how competitive is the market, was the page in context with the link, was the anchor text on topic, was the target page well optimised? Seems to raise more questions than answers. Being obsessed with "toolbar" PR is IMHO misguided.


08/16/2010 11:20 am

I agree with Simon above. We need more info on the link - it's prominence and anchor text namely. As someone else mentioned it's definitely worth checking the cache date of the PR7 page, which if it's Pr7 is likely to be VERY recent. Personally I'd say give it time. A followed link from a PR7 page is never a bad thing

Ian P

08/18/2010 09:04 am

I find it hard to believe Google wouldn't have crawled at least once in the past week - I'd put money on it being crawled daily. However, Jon is right, we need more information on the link, although probably nofollowed

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