Bing Launches New Webmaster Tools, Drops Link Reports

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If you login to Bing Webmaster Tools you may notice a large change. The whole thing has been totally redone!

The Bing Webmaster Blog currently has no mention of it yet. There is a single person in the Bing Forums who noticed it, and so did @suzukik on Twitter.

The three most noticeable changes that you see right away include:

  • Microsot Silverlight is required to see any real data in Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • The reports look much slicker and controllable if you have Silverlight installed.
  • NO BACKLINK DATA, they removed the linkage reports completely.

I won't install Silverlight on my main machine, so there is no way I will personally be using this every day. Even more so, how can they remove the back link data? Maybe Yahoo Site Explorer will be replacing it? I hope so because right now, Bing is offering nothing.

Here are screen shots of the reports:

Home without Silverlight installed:

New Bing Webmaster Tools

Overview without Silverlight installed:

New Bing Webmaster Tools


New Bing Webmaster Tools


New Bing Webmaster Tools

Crawl Stats:

New Bing Webmaster Tools

Index Stats:

New Bing Webmaster Tools

Traffic Stats with Query Data:

New Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing wrote a message to everyone who logs into Webmaster Tools, it reads:

Welcome to the new Bing Webmaster Tools. The site has been redesigned to be easier to use, with an intuitive design organized around three key areas: crawl, index and traffic. New features, such as Index Explorer and rich charting functionality, provide a comprehensive view into how Bing crawls and indexes your sites. We’ll continue to add to the Bing Webmaster Tools as we develop new features that empower you to make more informed decisions about your sites but we encourage you to send us your feedback, suggestions and questions to help determine how the site evolves. Check the Bing Webmaster Blog to stay updated on new features and developments.

Find answers to most of your questions in the help section, which includes links to a Getting Started guide and additional guides on topics such as: site ownership verification, Sitemaps, and the Bing index. If you still have questions, the Bing Webmaster Forums is a great resource for additional support.

Overall, I love the new look of the reports and how fluid they are. But like I said, two main killers for me. First is Silverlight and the second is no back link data.

Forum discussion at Bing Forums.

Update: At 9am (EST), Bing posted their blog post on this at the Bing Webmaster Blog.

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07/21/2010 12:32 pm

Not really sure why you will not install Silverlight. If it offers you a better experience, why not? Plus, you are using the AJAX version of Bing Maps what lacks apps, smooth transitions and streetside AND you are missing a heap of features within search results...


07/21/2010 03:07 pm

It's not as if the backlink data from Google is useful. Googles data is always wrong. As far as silverlight, how much crap have you installed to support your mother Google that you so dearly love? Your biased towards Google and everyone knows it.

Barry Schwartz

07/21/2010 03:10 pm

Poser, What do I have to install to use Google?

Elmer Fudd

07/21/2010 05:00 pm

I use IE8 64bit. Silverlight is not available for 64bit IE. Why can't I at least see the numbers like in G's webmaster tools without flash installed. I don't understand how Silverlight can be pushed so hard by MS but they don't support IE8 64bit?????

Matt Cutts

07/21/2010 07:12 pm

Heh heh. "support your mother Google." You should get that on a T-shirt, Barry. In Silverlight.

Barry Schwartz

07/21/2010 07:14 pm

Glad you commented Matt. Cause Matt knows first hand how much of a pain I can be with Google. I am no less tough on Microsoft than I am on Google. I am likely worse off to Google.


07/21/2010 09:44 pm

Tell me what size of t-shirt you want that in Barry. =)

Barry Schwartz

07/21/2010 09:54 pm

Thos - don't care - I'd hang it up on my wall, so doesn't have to fit me. ;-)


07/22/2010 02:44 pm

Man, I had to install Google Chrome to see Google's Webmaster Tools. HAHAHA.

Rob Abdul

07/23/2010 06:54 am

Do are a search in Bing and analyse the results, they're not relevant. It's like there is a roulette wheel that spins when you put in your search term. I do not understand people who use bing or yahoo.


07/26/2010 09:35 am

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