Google Restores Hacked & Robbed AdSense Account

Jul 19, 2010 • 9:02 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

We have been providing ongoing coverage of the AdSense publisher who was hacked into and had $25,000 or so stolen from him by someone in India. It turned out, after three months nothing has happened.

Well, that has changed. Google and the publisher finally got together and were able to restore the account.

In the updated WebmasterWorld thread, the thread the publisher was publishing his notes, he said on July 14th:

It's fixed! Google Adsense called a bit ago; the guy said it was a hairball of a mess.

My accounts go back to 2003; there are Adwords accounts, MCCs, Adsense, etc. They moved things around; I can finally log into my original (and primary) Adsense account again; and I tied the Adsense account to my Google Analytics account.

Many thanks to Google Adsense.

How about his lost money? Honestly, I am not sure. After repeated questions about the lost earnings, he replied one more time saying, "Yes, the account was recovered. All is well now." But that does not answer if he has the money that was lost.

In any event, he seems happy and I guess we should leave it at that.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

07/19/2010 04:45 pm

Thanks to Google for helping an Indian :-)))

Anthony Wakefield

07/24/2010 02:49 am

This is the BIG PROBLEM with google customer service. It took them FOUR MONTHS to address this. That's 120 days. Google need to realize they need to put more energy into customer service. $25,000 - 120 days to address. It's unacceptable.


07/24/2010 09:13 am

My guess is, google must have compensated something for the guy. Else, would losing $25k just keep your mouth shut as if nothing happened? Even if the guy got back the money but there's monetary loss here. To think of it, the idea of losing the account gives me the shiver.

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