iPad Users Can't Manage Their Google AdWords Accounts

Jul 9, 2010 • 8:09 am | comments (12) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Those of you who have migrated off their desktops or laptops and onto an Apple iPad, like Michael Gray, may be out of luck when it comes to managing their Google AdWord account.

If you try to login to your Google AdWords MCC account, the iPad Safari web browser will kick you out. I personally tried it myself and was kicked out from the MCC dashboard page.

A Google AdWords Help thread has several advertisers complaining. One said, "I run a large Adwords account and my company has bought me an Ipad so that I can access the account anywhere. When log in to my Mcc through the safari browser I can momentarily access my account but I am then thrown out of the browser after about 10 seconds." Another person said, "The iPad is an ideal device for use with PPC clients and there is a clear and urgent demand for Google to allow access to the desktop version of AdWords and the MCC."

Does Google care? Doesn't seem so. AdWordsPro Bindu, an official Google representative replied saying:

I'm not really sure what to do in this case, so will you let us know if you find a solution or a workaround?

I've also taken the liberty of escalating this to ensure that there is no technical glitch on our end.

This was 40 days ago! Do you have a work around? Some people are using remote desktop clients to access a PC via their iPad in order to use a web browser on a PC to manage their AdWords accounts. How about you?

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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07/09/2010 03:16 pm

I use and iPad and have the same issue. However, when I access my Adwords account from the iPad, it offers a link at the bottom to desktop or mobile version. I can use the limited mobile version just fine. You can start and stop campaigns, adjust bids, etc. I am the owner of the account and am accessing Adwords directly, not through MCC.


12/02/2010 05:54 am

Use logmein for now

Nicolas Cases

06/15/2011 12:53 am

I have just bought a i pad and i réalise Thatcher it s one of thé worst way to deal with my multi acount adwords! I exaclty have thé same problèm you re just talking about! It s a pity ..... I hope Apple Will sort Thatcher problem out if not i am going to give it them back!..


07/08/2011 12:05 am

Download a diffent browser like Mercury. The free version has a small ad in the lower left but otherwise full versioof Adwords works great. And the pay version is very inexpensive.


07/13/2011 09:02 pm

Mercury also don't work :-(


10/09/2011 06:40 pm

now a year later ipad 2 os 4.3.5 still not working to launch the adword desktop version :)) good to have still a choice of imac , powerbook, Gt5 Desktop , Macbook at home.. googleguys do something ,

Malt Whisky

01/15/2012 06:13 am

That's right, Mercury also doesn't work. As of this writing, January 15 2012, users still cannot edit their Adwords ads on Mercury or any other browser (that I am aware of) using an iPad2.

Malt Whisky

01/15/2012 06:17 am

Still, the mobile version doesn't allow users to edit their ads on iPad.

Jody Resnick

02/05/2012 01:35 am

This makes no sense. The Google engineers could solve this in less than 1 day if it was made a priority.

Jim Carlson

04/20/2012 04:09 am

Just downloaded the free Dolphin browser, so far it is working fine with AdWords on the iPad.

Artem Selivanov

12/21/2012 02:52 pm

I'm working with Google Chrome on my iPad. Look's like everyting is ok, but adwords work very slowly.


02/22/2014 11:21 pm

Yet another reason apple products suck! Ran into this issue and it was the last straw....trading my air in for the surface. Now I can be productive again

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