Would You Buy a Link From Link Brokers Like Text Link Ads?

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Over the course of five plus years, the topic of link brokerage houses have been a popular topic in the forums. I often try to stay away from the topic, due to it being a very controversial and heated debate. But I have seen many threads over the years and two recent ones that encouraged me to post a poll asking for your feedback.

I have some people who swear by buying links from link brokers. I have others who would never go next to a broker, not even with a ten-foot pole.

One of the largest, if not the largest, brokers out there is Text Link Ads. I was wondering, as a show of hands, who would buy a link from them and why? Please take my anonymous poll below and have all your SEO buddies take it:

Forum discussion specifically about this at Google Webmaster Help and WebmasterWorld.

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Andy Blackburn

07/06/2010 12:58 pm

A better question to add to this is, have you ever purchased a link from Text Link Ads? If yes, did it/they have a beneficial effect on your site? If so, was this pre or post-dewey?

Barry Schwartz

07/06/2010 01:18 pm

No, going forward, would you buy, even if you did in the past.

Bill Hartzer

07/06/2010 04:13 pm

Interesting poll. I would also like to see a related poll, "Would you sell links?"

Scott Mc

07/06/2010 09:51 pm

Also worth noting - you could answer "yes" to both questions. :-)


07/06/2010 10:24 pm

"Ten foot poll": I see what you did there. :) Cool Polldaddy background choice, BTW.


07/07/2010 01:34 am

The thing is, it still works...... Sad, but true

Brian Mitchell

07/07/2010 09:22 pm

They still work, especially with less mainstream (lower risk for Google) verticals like the ones we deal with.


07/07/2010 10:09 pm

Brian, as a former A.E. for Text Link Ads, I can say that buying links will increase a site's SERP ranking, even within competitive mainstream verticals. Your strategy is crucial - if you are getting links from quality sites, maintaining them for a long time, varying your anchor texts, spacing out link purchases, and avoiding site wide links/link farms, you will see better results. If you aren't familiar with link building, don't go in blindly - talk to your account manager/SEO consultant/web developer beforehand.


11/09/2010 05:18 pm

I wouldnt buy text links. I am sure its a blackhat techicnic and soon or later the websites envolved will be punished.

Brandon Na

01/04/2011 01:25 am

This is a great question. As the landscape becomes more competitive, I'm wondering if these replies will change. At the same time, it will depend also on the algorithms of the leading search engines. If they allow for them to (if I can say this) "sneak by", they will probably be used depending on the ROI to the ultimate customer in the end. This analogy helps me figure out what the general consensus most likely will be at least in reality vs. here in the comments. We all hate (unless we're in it) the "old boys network", but frankly, if you're a part of it, it's a bit easier to operate in life. Just consider "valuable links" you've paid for to be "great connections" in life in terms of social networking. Let's ask this question: if you had a chance to be born to Bill and Melinda Gates, would you pass up on it? (i.e., a link from microsoft's homepage) Would you rather be born to a poor family where you struggled all your life to get where you're at? (i.e., finding all the little places in blogs and forums where we can eak out a tiny bit of juice) Well, let's just say life is easier in the former example, but many of us as well don't mind taking a few more punches on the way to the top (if we can finance it, that is...)

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