Users Revolting Over Google News, Google Doesn't Care

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Google News did a major redesign the other day and the Google News Forum in covered with complaints. There has to be hundreds and hundreds of complaints from users.

But Googlers are replying with the following message:

Thanks for your concern, everyone. We understand your frustration, but we have no plans to revert to the old version of Google News.

Abe from Google replied after posting this explaining why Google made the change:

We definitely made changes to the new version based on user feedback during the experimental phase. For example, one of the biggest things users told us was that they wanted more control over which sources they saw articles from. We took that feedback seriously, along with everything else users told us, and made that feature a launch priority. Users can now tell us which sources they want to see more or fewer articles from, and we think that feature makes the product much stronger. We're going to keep listening to your feedback, and we're going to keep improving the product based on it.

Here are some select threads, I love the last one:

But we know, with the Google fade in and search redesign, people seriously complained, Google stuck to their guns and we don't hear so many complaints anymore.

Please take the poll I posted yesterday, here it is again:

Forum discussion at several dozen Google News Forum threads.

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RE Vernon

07/02/2010 02:56 pm

call me a conspiracy theorist but i see this as not something users want but something google wanted. it makes developing a social profile on individuals a heck of a lot easier. say you subscribe to articles about cars. theoretically google could assume that you are interested in cars and could serve ads accordingly. start mixing your preferences with other forms of social media and they could develop a complete digital dossier on you. a modern day ink blot test... slippery slope indeed when that type of data starts getting subpoena's served for access to it.


07/02/2010 04:32 pm

You know, if Google really care about how their user feel, they should put this poll at a prominent place on the Google news page - like those pop-up at Yahoo. Their reply does not carry much weight unless they can really poll a significant number of users. Besides, the negative comments already shown on their June try-out.

Michael Martinez

07/02/2010 06:41 pm

There is no need for conspiracy theories. Corporate thinking always leads toward "improvements" that degrade the quality of services. However, that degradation is usually perceived on the basis of what we are comfortable with. If people are still complaining a year from now, then the "improvement" will be a failure. I still hate the changes they made to Blogsearch a couple of years ago but I seem to be the only person who noticed or cared. By that measure (one of many possible metrics), the Blogsearch change was a success.

Steve Kass

07/02/2010 08:58 pm

About the Google fade-in, you say "we don't hear so many complaints anymore." That doesn't mean people like it or have gotten used to it. Most people stop wasting time complaining once they know things won't change. Because of the fade in, I moved my home page from to That was an easy fix, and I stopped complaining. I still hate the fade though (more specifically, having to wiggle the mouse to get the links to begin to fade in at all). Now that my earlier fix is thwarted, I've moved to I'm sure in a few days I won't be complaining any more, but don't assume that means I've gotten used to the change.

Stephanie Cherry

07/03/2010 12:04 pm

The fade-in and the search redesign didn't actively reduce the utility of the search page. The ability to skim and scan headlines, however, is an essential feature of a news page. The single-column format obstructs that; the new layout renders Google News directly, functionally inferior to the old setup.


07/03/2010 03:51 pm

Abe from Google is lying through his teeth. Go back to the forum and look at the comments from users who had the test version shoved down their throats. They hated it. Apparently Google is much less interested in its users than it claims to be. I think this will be the last straw for a lot of users.


07/04/2010 01:53 pm

As with the majority, I very much dislike the new Google News format. I had set Google News as the home page for all of our PCs - 12. I've now changed the home page on all twelve PCs, and have instructed the users not to use Google for searches any more. Although Google had said it will not change it back to the old format, perhaps they will listen once their advertising revenue begins to drop by those who no longer use their search engine.


07/05/2010 01:57 pm

Makes sense to give it time to bed in... surprised so much hatred so early!


07/07/2010 04:56 pm

I'm a bit puzzled by Google's attempt to emulate the Twitter feed look here; it really is a worse job and is not suited to this type of content. Now when you try to read a headline, the entire screen starts to scroll and your eyes lose track of what is going on. This is a major flaw in an interface that is supposed to be designed for ease of locating interesting content. If I want to see a Twitter "scroll" I can go to ... Twitter.

mark johnson

07/09/2010 04:35 pm

I've changed my home page from google news to a competitors news on all computers I operate, personal and business. I suggest that there are many news pages better than the (New Improved) google news. Its not an issue google news is gone.

Joe the Geek

07/19/2010 05:17 pm

What gets me is how the news media has spun this story about the users (former users) of Google News. They have been branded "complainers" and those who are resistant to change. In short, we have been labeled the bad guys. This didn't make any sense to me as the majority of posts in the Google forums were pointing out the obviously sub-standard user interface of the new format. Users have been vilified because the journalists (and I use this term very loosely) need to have an angle for their story. So instead of pointing out the real bad guys, they have decided to target the users. The bottom line is this: the tech journalists favor change even if it is retrograde. They have no idea how bad the Google News revamp really is, and finally, there are literally millions of users who are actively seeking or have found alternative news online news sources. The total disregard for Google's news consumers will eventually show what a fiasco this has turned into as the leave not only Google News, but the Google search engine and Chrome in protest. By then, there will be a contrite public apology to its "faithful users" and the "we have heard you" PR spin. They'll revert back to its old format, but not after they see their market share for the news section tumble. Quite frankly, the users they have lost will never return and there most likely will be a shakeup in upper management over this incident.


06/14/2014 10:20 am

Despite the fact that MILLIONS of users still use Google which is why they are getting away with bilking their users. Edward Snowden is right sadly that all 3 giant tec companies are all backed by CIA payrolls in the giant data mining scheme. The only thing preventing them from being totally open about it is the knowledge they have that over 16 million registered gun owners will not go peacefully if we were to be a total police state. So it has to be in phases or else!


06/14/2014 10:22 am

Then you search for a walkthru on a violent video game so they link you're search about cars and weapons so they assume you are up to no good! You're a terrorist for searching about cars and guns! (Even though the context was totally different then what the CIA thought)

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