Google Pushing Competitors Via Related AdWords Ads

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Ten days ago, we reported Google was testing Google Related AdWords Ads. Google confirmed this was a "beta experiment" that would use "relevant broad match keywords another opportunity to reach their target audience."

Emma from Periscopix noticed an update where now the ads are broad matching to competitor trademarks. I personally see it myself now.

A search for [Barratts Shoes] shows some ads for Barratts Shoes but also ads for Clarks Shoes and ALDO shoes. Here is a screen shot:

google related adwords

Rod Hull at Search Engine Watch Forums call these related ads, "evil ads." Why Evil? Well, even if a competitor is not targeting competitors trademark names, Google may do that for them now.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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06/28/2010 01:08 pm

Maybe evil is a bit strong, but if I was one of these brands I wouldn't be happy for Google to show ads for competitors when they're not even bidding on my brand terms. It's bad enough when competitors specifically bid on your company name.

Alistair Lattimore

06/28/2010 01:38 pm

Google wouldn't want to release that functionality into a country where they are still required to enforce trademark laws, such as Australia or they'll have an ugly time of it.


06/28/2010 03:09 pm

Isn't it just a way to get the HIGHEST CPC ads on the main page for more than one query? Typically - that sidebar would start at the highest bid, and go down 7-8 steps for the same phrase right? Now it goes: [phrase 1] TOP Bidder > 2nd Highest Bidder [phrase 2] TOP Bidder > 2nd Highest Bidder [phrase 3] TOP Bidder > 2nd Highest Bidder [phrase etc] TOP Bidder > 2nd Highest Bidder If the old display top bid was $4, and the lowest was $.25 (8th position) the display was: (These numbers are all made-up for the example, you get the picture) $4 $3 $2 $1 $.50 $.40 $.30 $.25 its now... $4 $3 $4 $3 $4 $3 $4 $3 I don't know if you can call it evil... but it definitely makes GooG and the shareholders more money, costing lower CPC buyers right out of the picture!


06/28/2010 07:16 pm

I often argue there is nothing more irrelevant for a brand search than a competitor, and for a long time Google seemed to back this up with Quality Score and therefore click prices & positioning. They are traditionally the worst performing targets in an account (but any activity gleaned is worthwhile since it is being won away from the competition). Now Google seems to look the other way from the searcher's intent and are factoring in 3rd party intent. My question, will this raise my Quality Score for current competition keywords?


06/28/2010 09:31 pm

@Mark - genius!


06/29/2010 02:25 pm

Why are people around the web saying this may be a trademark issue? Seems to me that Google is just giving out the appropriate options....


06/29/2010 11:10 pm

I am seeing image ads in the ppc placements on the right hand side, is this a new thing/

David Iwanow

09/28/2010 01:35 am

I'm seeing it today for trademark terms like Google AdWords

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