31 Character Google AdWords Titles

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Google allows up to 25 characters in an AdWords title.

Over time, we have seen maybe 26 characters or maybe 27, but I have never really seen over 30, that is, until this weekend.

A search for property for sale in richmond returns some ads that have really long titles. Here is one that has a 31 character title length.

Google AdWords Titles, 31 Characters

Yes, that is 6 characters over the 25 character limit requirement.

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06/21/2010 12:34 pm

Very old news, I think this it'is 6 months old. They are testing dynamic Keyword insertion titles with 25+ characters on certain accounts, and you have no way of knowing when your adds displayed a 25+ char title.

Barry Schwartz

06/21/2010 12:38 pm

eloi, did you read this or just the title?

George Bounacos

06/21/2010 01:08 pm

Will be interesting to see CTR on a longer title with DKI. Would be really interesting to see CTR on longer title with and without DKI. Man, they test a lot of stuff. Great catch.


06/21/2010 01:32 pm

"Property For Sale In Richmond" is actually 29 characters, not 31.


06/21/2010 01:40 pm

Yes I did Barry, and yes we did see ads longer than 29 characters ages ago.

Barry Schwartz

06/21/2010 01:44 pm

I counted white space, sorry.


06/21/2010 03:39 pm

I actually first came upon this last February and wrote 3 blog posts about it - http://d0x.com/google-adwords-allows-31-characters-in-ad-titles-using-dynamic-keyword-insertion.html. It is frustrating that AdWords support never admitted to "testing" longer titles and kept ignoring my inquiries. Their lack of transparency is disheartening.

Jordon Meyer

06/22/2010 01:19 pm

Wow - bad counting, old news. Get this off of SER!


06/22/2010 01:42 pm

I had not seen this before and find it to be of value whether there are 29 or 31 characters in this headline. Thanks for posting.

Barry Schwartz

06/22/2010 01:56 pm

Nice to know people get so upset if this is "new" or not. Wish more people would comment on articles they liked vs disliked.


06/22/2010 02:07 pm

Haterz gonna hate. Nice find Barry and thanks for the share.

Shreyansh Modi

07/16/2012 12:25 pm

The Magic Of "Dynamic Keyword Insertion"

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