Was There a Google May Day Tweak On June 2nd?

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Every SEO in the world should have heard of the May Day Google update by now. I mean, we covered it on May 3rd, May 14th, May 25th, May 28th and once again on May 30th. But I am sure there are some that never heard of it.

In any event, we may have an update for you.

A WebmasterWorldthread has several webmasters reporting a ranking change in Google on June 2nd. We have several webmasters all saying the same thing. They had great rankings in Google on June 2nd and then June 3rd, the rankings are gone.

Some are saying the site is gone and some are saying just downgraded. To me, it sounds more like a link or trust penalty of some sorts. Here is one quote:

Yes I noticed a drop in traffic on all my small sites with exact keyword in domains, low in bound links or non quality.

Mine have not dropped off the map just a page or 2 from #1.

All my normal larger, older sites have been doing very well.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

06/14/2010 04:50 pm

I have been checking my clients reports constantly but so far no anomalies, touch wood I have npt been afected so far so not convinced the May Day tweak is as bad as some seo's are mking out.

Scott Mc

06/14/2010 11:27 pm

I noticed a similar trend, however, I am also noticing that - as of June 8 - most of my sites recovered in terms of natural search referrals. So if you think you were affected on June 2, check again from June 8 and see if the trend was reversed or not. That's what happened to me.


06/15/2010 12:21 pm

i had the same experience as scott but in my case...one of our client site went from #40 to #5 and after june 8 it dropped to 9...other sites did get affected at all ...

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