Google June 2010 PageRank Update

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Everyone panic! There is a Google PageRank update taking place! Okay, I am just kidding about panicing, but there is some sort of Google Toolbar PageRank update going on now.

We have threads on the topic at DigitalPoint Forums, WebmasterWorld and a dozen or so Google Webmaster Help threads.

It seems like most of the reports seem to be that their PageRank went down to a 0. So this PageRank update does somewhat seem penalty related. Others saw a smaller downgrade of their Toolbar PageRank.

It is important to note that Toolbar PageRank has no direct correlation with ranking. Google uses their own internal PageRank numbers and what they show in the Toolbar is often believed to not just be outdated but also not accurate.

I have not seen people report Toolbar PageRank increases, but I could have missed it.

The last Toolbar PageRank update was the April 2010 PageRank update.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums, WebmasterWorld and a dozen or so Google Webmaster Help threads.

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Alberto Douglas

06/11/2010 11:49 am

2 of my pages got PR 2 but the homepage is still at PR 2.I believe the real PR update is next month.


06/15/2010 11:03 pm

I don't really think this update is real either...I had 200 links last round and got a PR of 3 now i have 3,000 links and still a PR of 3...

No Name

06/17/2010 06:50 am

My site just creat at June so this time is Unrated :)


06/19/2010 10:29 pm

My blog didn't see any change


06/24/2010 03:58 pm

My site didn't change sense 1 year, hoping for change to better rank the next update.


06/28/2010 12:24 am

I hope the page rank has not occurred yet because I just got my backlinks up actually. If it did I did not notice the change.


06/29/2010 04:27 am

Maybe update from 30th June - First July, check from


06/30/2010 01:42 pm

Nothing have changed on website. But a private blog change from PR0 to PR4.

No Name

07/04/2010 02:27 pm

Still nothing change to my site and it's 2 months old...


07/05/2010 05:15 pm

I think toolbar PR update isnt finished yet, now google have started counting the backlinks, will last few days until update will be finished


07/06/2010 07:27 pm

None of my websites changed

No Name

07/06/2010 09:42 pm

my page rank did not change... Any idea if Google already did their PR update?

edi widiyanto

07/11/2010 08:41 am

oh.. no.. my traffics extremly down from 1000+ to 100+, anyone have idea about this? my PR still 2


07/16/2010 01:30 pm

my websites‘s PR isn't changed

No Name

07/21/2010 08:27 am

google is so unpredictable.. one of my friend's site just got pr2 last night then after a few minutes it went down to 0. but there is a permanent change in pr on one of my friends from 0 to 1.


07/22/2010 08:47 pm

Thanks for the post. waiting for improvement in page rank.

Masi Museebta

07/22/2010 08:50 pm

My page rank did not change. Any idea if Google already did their PR update?


08/02/2010 10:55 am

Few of my site done down to 0. Waiting for next update hope this time it will be fine.


08/05/2010 02:58 pm

My PR (1!) has remained the same for what seems like forever despite a high Alexa ranking and a steady flow of traffic. I've noticed my keyword rankings have been all over the place the last few days so maybe something is happening?


09/02/2010 02:18 pm

Nothing as yet... very surprising... Anyone have any info?


09/05/2010 02:38 am

Still no PR update even it is already Sept, 3 times a year now?


10/05/2010 09:57 pm

still waiting ;-)


10/21/2010 09:36 am

Yeh I am also waiting for PR update.My website is 6 months old and has alexa within 200,000 and but no PR.


11/06/2010 05:12 pm

Almost exactly what Alex said. Created my site about 6 months ago, Alexa ranking in the 200,000 range and no PR. Read several comments and opinions about whether a high PR is all that significant but one thing is for sure, anything is better than zero. I am gaining a lot of knowledge and experience by reading all the blogs regarding PR. You know what they say about experience though, "experience is what you get, when you don't get what you want." :)


11/14/2010 12:37 pm

When google takes nex PR update?

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