Italian Google AdSense Publisher To Learn Exact Revenue Sharing Percentages

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A couple months ago, we reported that Italy went after Google AdSense to require more transparency for Italian based publishers. Well, the court ruled and Google is now required to share the exact percentage of their revenue share with Italian publishers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google "has offered greater transparency in its advertising revenue-sharing contracts with publishers, Italy's antitrust authority, Agcm, said Friday." Google said in a statement, "We have been happy to work with the Italian Competition Authority and our publishing partners to address their questions and concerns."

So sometime in the future it seems like Italian publishers will be seeing the revenue share they received on specific ads or overall. I am not sure yet, but as soon as we see any examples from Italian publishers, we will post them here.

Will this come to all publishers? Maybe but right now it is only required in Italy.

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05/17/2010 10:50 pm

Hi - Thanks for posting. Just wanted to clarify one thing - there's been no court ruling. What has happened is that the AGCM has begun to market test our settlement proposal to bring this matter to a close. Under the proposal, we have offered to do two things in Italy for three years (a) continue to provide a mechanism for allowing news publishers to opt out of Google News, separate from Google Web Search and (b) disclose the AdSense for Search and AdSense for Content revenue share that online AdSense partners receive. Regards, Rachel, Google Corporate Communications

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