Google Maps Hijacking Getting Out of Control?

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A Google Places Help thread reports some business owners complaining that their business listings on Google Maps continually gets hijacked by competitors. One person said, "on almost a daily basis my client's listing gets hijacked."

Google Maps hijacking is nothing new, we saw it back in 2007 and 2008, but it does routinely happen. In fact, Google is aware of it and is looking for a way to prevent it from happening.

Linda from the Google Maps team said in the thread:

Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. Thanks for notifying us of this issue. We are looking into this.

For others that are experiencing similar issues, please post your business listings URL from Google Maps.

So if you have experienced this, join the Google Places Help.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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Jim Ryan

05/08/2010 01:00 pm

I want to offer another alternative expanation. What appears to be the act of hijacking is in fact, in the far majority of cases (probably more than 90%) listings that are being conflated. On or about March 20, 2010, when Google launched Place Pages, significant technical issues arose. What no one has written about, I guess because few have noticed, Google re-populated maps with apparent new parameters and as has happened in the past, a number of issues came with those new results.


05/12/2011 04:33 am

Don't bother reporting a problem. Google never responds and on the rare occasion that they do, they are completely useless. I have been trying to cvonvince Google Places to give me back control of the Places listing for one of my sites for almost half a year and have provided proof that the site is mine. The best answer they could provide was that I have to convince the hijacker to give me back control .... lol. There is a pretty simple solution to Google Places (Local Listings) hijacking which is extremely common and causing substantial financial losses for many business owners. Google just has to cross reference listing claims against WHOIS records. I know some people will bring up private listings but no reputable company will care if people find out who is behind their site. A simple confirmation e-mail sent to the admin contact on file with the registrar of the site will solve all problems. Why Google wouldn't do this is bizarre and just plain stupid. If anyone knows any solutions to regaining control of hijacked listings, please advise. mattguest72 at

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