Yahoo's New Ad Campaign, Not Search But I Like It

May 6, 2010 • 8:07 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine & Yahoo SEO

This doesn't change my opinion about Yahoo's not being in search but I do love Yahoo as a portal and a home page. Yahoo, to me, was always that perfect home page and it seems like although they gave up on search, they are going back to their pre-search days, as a destination portal.

From the Yahoo Corporate Blog, Yahoo shows off their new marketing message. Take a couple minutes to watch their message in a TV commercial format and tell me, do you like it? I do.

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Michael Friedrich

05/06/2010 06:15 pm

I'm not a Yahoo! fan either, but I do like the ad. Especially this sentence about Google: You come to this place so you can leave.

Thomas Hawk

05/08/2010 01:37 am

Part of the problem is that Steele's marketing message is clear Orwellian doublespeak. It's the Big Lie. Yahoo says in their $100 million marketing campaign that "the internet is under new management, yours." But at the same time Yahoo does not respect user data and their employees tweet out "I hate your freedom" as they destroy thousands of hours of user data that does not belong to them. The internet, at least under Yahoo's control, is very much *not* under our management. To make matters worse, yahoo routinely deletes accounts with zero recourse for the Yahoo user. Yahoo claims to have no mechanism to recover deleted accounts. Even accounts that may be deleted in error by their own staff. These anti-consumer practices fly in the face of Yahoo's claim to care about their users. I've invited Ms. Steele and other Yahoo executives previously to discuss these matters and to discuss what Yahoo might actually do to empower their users and to truly make good on their so called commitment to user empowerment, but they have no interest. As long as this remains their attitude, no matter how much money they spend on multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, their message will ring false.

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