Yahoo Search Update: April 2010, Really?

Apr 30, 2010 • 8:30 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Yesterday, Yahoo announced that they are doing a search index and algorithm update. They said, like they do almost every month:

The Yahoo! Search engineering teams are rolling out updates to crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms. Similar to previous updates, you may notice some ranking changes and page shuffling during the process, which we expect to complete over the next few days.

But like last month, no one really noticed anything when the announcement went live. Back in the old days, we normally saw forum discussion before the announcement - with SEOs and webmasters noticing changes before Yahoo was ready to admit it. But the past few times, no one was talking about changes even a day or so after Yahoo announced it.

Why aren't people talking about it like they use to?

(1) Webmasters don't care about Yahoo anymore? (2) Traffic from Yahoo may be insignificant to most webmasters for them to notice (3) Yahoo is more proactive about letting us know before any changes are made (4) Yahoo is not really doing a serious update

I don't see any discussions on this currently at WebmasterWorld (this may change soon, since I posted a thread). I do see one webmaster at DigitalPoint Forums complaining about his link count in Yahoo, but people suspect this is unrelated to the update and more related to his site being considered web spam.

So what is up Yahoo? Really? Why invest in search backend when Microsoft will soon take that over?

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

Update: The WebmasterWorld thread was posted shortly after this post and still no one really notices anything. One person said, "noticed a spike on one site starting April 29" but that came only after reading the Yahoo post.

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Amit Patekar

04/30/2010 12:49 pm

Hi, Yes webmaster no longer care about yahoo. you know why :) Regards Amit Patekar

Benj Arriola

04/30/2010 01:16 pm

We actually noticed something consistent with 3 clients that seem different from how it was before. Normally in the past what we used to see is there are a lot of keywords ranking well in google and yahoo and bing/live/msn not so much. Not because bing does know how to rank sites but becuase bing did not index every page. Today, we are seeing a lot of rankings in Google, then Bing, and Yahoo with the least rankings. With one client where we have more than 20 ranking page 1 keywords in google and bing. Yahoo just gave 1. But for some reason we never really bothered to talk about. And when discussing it to a client we would immediately show the comscore marketshare of the engines so they do not panic.

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