Internet Explorer Users More Likely To Click On AdSense Ads?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around Google AdSense publishers claiming that Internet Explorer users are more likely to click on their ads then other users. As a result, as more and more people leave Internet Explorer, earnings per user is declining.

WebmasterWorld AdSense moderator, incrediBILL, started the thread, where he said:

People using MSIE tend to have a significantly higher CTR on AdSense ads compared to visitors using any other browser.

Therefore, as MSIE usage has declined from 68% to 51% on my site over the last 3 years it would also explain a steady slippage in revenue with the shift in browser usage.

You can check to see if this holds true on your web site as well. Go to Google Analytics, click on "Vistors" then "Browser Capabilities" then "Browsers." Then click on the "AdSense Revenue" tab in the chart. Then change the drop down from "AdSense Revenue" to "AdSense CTR" and you should see which users on which browsers are more likely to click on the ads. Here is my data for my personal blog:

  • Internet Explorer : 6.44%
  • Chrome : 3.22%
  • Safari : 2.62%
  • Firefox : 2.34%

As you can see, IE users even on my personal blog are way more likely to click on the AdSense ads.

incrediBILL calls this "the single most startling trend I've ever noticed since I started using AdSense."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Brian Mark

04/27/2010 12:34 pm

Do you think this has to do with AdBlock on FF? Seems like it could lower the number of potential clickers.

Barry Schwartz

04/27/2010 12:47 pm

Probably due to IE users not being web savvy. :)

Frank Reed

04/27/2010 03:04 pm

@Barry, not sure if you were "tongue in cheek" on your comment but I think that you hit the nail on the head. I am not a web "rocket scientist" but I almost NEVER click on an AdSense ad. I have such ad blindness that I don't click on much of anything other than links within content I need / like. I just don't think that IE users are "industry types" or heavy web users as a result they see most everything.

No Name

04/27/2010 04:48 pm

I agree with @BarryS. Most of the IE users are not web savvy. They are your regular users that use internet to maybe check email and do what they need to do unless son/friends sets them up with PC and installs FF or Chrome. I have moved to FF minute it came out and onto Chrome once that was out and cant remember last time I used IE unless I was making sure that website displays properly :)


04/28/2010 12:21 pm

i agree with Barry too, basically the majority of the people that don't use IE knows what is Adsense and Adwords (in a way)

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