Google Including Virtual Keyboards In Search Results

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Back in June 2009, Google introduced a virtual keyboard API that developers can use to add to their multilingual web sites. In fact, we used it on some of our web sites.

Now, Google is including this virtual keyboard directly in the search bar, within the search results page. For example, conduct a search at Google Poland or Google Israel and after you search, on the search results page, you will see a keyboard icon near the search bar. Clicking it will bring up a virtual keyboard. Here are pictures:

Virtual Keyboard in Google

Virtual Keyboard in Google

There is a detailed help document on Google using the virtual keyboard in the search results. Here is a closer screen shot of a virtual keyboard:

Virtual keyboard

Pretty cool, don't you think?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help and hat tip to Kasia and Istvan.

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04/20/2010 01:09 pm

So this was not just a test - we saw this in Sweden last week:

Barry Schwartz

04/20/2010 01:11 pm

Thanks, I didn't mean to imply it is a test. It seems to be on all non-latin characters.


04/20/2010 03:44 pm

This works better than I expected. It even works with Hebrew Nikud (diacritic marks that are used instead of vowels). Turn on the virtual Caps Lock and then Shift to activate :)

Javier Guillen

04/22/2010 03:02 pm

I added that improvement in my search engine for some time, and it went quite unnoticed, but if Google makes people say they are geniuses … You can check at Also in my translation web offers virtual keyboards. Soon Google will copy to his translator and bring the glory

Michael Butler

04/22/2010 03:58 pm

I wonder when the virtual keyboard API will work with the Prototype Javascript Library :)

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