Google AdWords Changing Reports-Only Access To Read-Only

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An email has started going out to Google AdWords advertisers about a change to privilege access in AdWords. The email basically says that the "report-only" access is changing to "read-only" access.

Here is a block of the email that went out to advertisers.

We're going to replace reports-only access with a new read-only access. In your account, all reports-only users will become read-only users automatically. This change will allow your reports-only users to have a more complete view of your account's performance. Read-only users will have access to advanced reporting tools, available in the Campaigns tab -- for example filters and data segmentation, and this will make it easier to notice performance trends and find areas for improvement.

Read-only access will still be limited to browsing and viewing reports. These read-only users will not be able to make edits to campaigns, but they won't be restricted only to using the Reports tab. They'll be able to view statistics anywhere in your account, including the Campaigns tab.

These changes will be made in the next few weeks. No action is required on your part, if you're comfortable with the changes. If you don't want your reports-only users to see the Campaigns tab, you can update your account access preferences...

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David Rothwell

02/02/2010 09:07 am

A very sound idea! It's frequently the case that an agency acting on behalf of a client opens the account and has total control with no transparency whatever. If the client wants to know what's going on they are locked out, making a proper third party review impossible. Competent AdWords agencies should capitalise on this, even if they own the account - they can claim openness and nothing to hide. Also the complexity and size of their work will deter any agency pitching to take over from taking on too big a task. Incompetent agencies - beware!

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