Complaints: Google Maps Users Hit With Porn Email?

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Over the weekend, there were four reports of Google Maps users complaining that they received spam emails, containing pornography, from Google. The complaints come via a Google Maps Help thread and to be honest, it is not clear what exactly is happening. I know that Google is not sending out pornographic emails, but is someone targeting Google Maps local listings with spam? Why are these users complaining?

The first complaint came in on Saturday and read:

I just got a porn spam email sent via Google Maps. How did that happen? How did they find me? I DO NOT want to be on Google maps and I certainly DON'T need spammers emailing me from there. How do I stop this?

Maybe a spammer is using the email link feature, and somehow using a Google Maps URL to redirect unsuspecting users to pornographic sites? This happens often with Google Sites URLs.

There are more details, with email headers - which shows me the emails don't appear to be coming from a Google server - in the threads.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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02/01/2010 01:48 pm

I received one of those emails on the weekend, and reported it via SpamCop. I didn't think it had come from Google, but SpamCop's email header parsing did claim it came from Google and directed the report to abuse @ google. I'm not very email header savvy, but I thought Domain Key headers were meant to be difficult to forge? I would have thought SpamCop's scanning could verify if the Domain Key signature is legit. I don't have a Google Maps listing, and although I do use the Google Maps service, the email address the spam was sent to is not one associated with my account.

No Name

02/10/2010 05:21 pm

We are also having a porn related problem with Google Local Business Page on Google. A local business listing was created for the client, everything was done works like a charm. This is a restaurant in Toronto. Unfortunately for what ever reason 2 photos's are being picked up from a site that rates "mens-manhoods" (Automated)- Very embarassing, a notification was sent 2 weeks ago using the inappropriate photo tab. I have pushed inappropriate photo button again today. If a potential customer see's this second page link if they don't lose there appetite first, they're more than gone. Unfortunately Google does not have a customer service department that can directly be contacted regarding Google Local Map Listings - We use ADWORDS so there is no human being that can directly address this. We were told this by the call center. If anyone has any suggestions, to help this restaurant out. (Barry I've been following you for sometime now, I would be willing to send you the offending link - If you know someone in local maps team, but I obviously don't need the problem to compounded, and ruin the restaurants reputation, although socially It could be good to be the "poor restaurant who's a victim of Googles algorythms" - Or this could be very crass link bait. Thanks in advance. Searchengineman

joe diiacova

02/22/2010 11:05 pm

email me it all please at


08/06/2010 07:22 pm

On 08/05/10, I was on the internet getting ready to get into my mailbox using Explorer, and 3 pages of "porns" froze up my window and followed by an ad to install Antivir Solution Pro. Shut down manually my computer and re-booted. The same thing happened. Bought the Antivir Solution Pro for $69 and the next day(this morning), fount out that it was a malicious software. Immediately went to the bank to change my credit card # & info. The $69 was pending, & thank goodness I was able to stop it. Meanwhile, I bought & downloaded Spy Doctor which removed the malicious Antivir Solution Pro. Chase Bank informed me that "pay-pal" is not safe to use, and that instead of using Explorer, use Firefox to surf the internet. Thought I'd share!


09/22/2010 03:20 pm

That is one of the biggest scams out there. The fake virus software ploy. I have had this on my computer and my inlaws computer. Make sure that you have good virus software of your own installed and keep it up to date. I like Kaspersky myself as it does not seem to slow my computer down as much as Norton or some of the others.

E Wojcie

01/29/2011 05:48 pm

Google Maps used to be so easy to use not now....very disappointing

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