Google A Month Early On Kuwait's National Day

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Google had a Doodle slip up this morning, as first reported by Michel. Google posted the National Day logo on Google Kuwait this morning. It was live for over five hours before anyone reported it. The issue is, it was posted a month prior to the official National Day of Kuwait, which takes place February 26th.

Here is the logo:

Google Kuwait Doodle Mistake

Google took down the logo about 15 minutes after TechCrunch posted the story.

There were a couple Google Web Search Help threads complaining about Google posting this logo on the wrong day.

Speaking of Google logos, there are some complaints about the Google Australia doodle at Google Web Search Help as well.

In any event, can anyone speculate what Google Kuwait's National Day logo will be this year? :)

Forum discussion Google Web Search Help.

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Jack Adams

01/26/2010 02:38 pm

Interesting to note that people have suggested the removal of the Aboriginal flag from the Australia Day doodle is down to Google avoiding "the political nature of flags" - yet this Kuwaiti logo seems to embrace the national flag?


01/26/2010 02:51 pm

Hello, our bot detect it this morning on but we corrected it as we remarqued that it wasn't the good day

Tony Ruscoe

01/26/2010 06:12 pm

Thanks for pointing this out. The doodle was posted by mistake and was removed soon after. FYI - There's an official explanation on the Google Arabia Blog (machine translation follows): <blockquote><strong>A Doodle for Kuwait -- One month too early</strong> [...] We wanted to use the Kuwaiti Google homepage as a way to commemorate Kuwait's Independence Day and designed a great Doodle which appeared on the homepage today January 26th... but we're all subject to human error and we made one today by posting the Doodle one month too soon. All we can say is oops! But the design a new logo for the right date on February 25th, which means that Kuwait will be the only country to ever have two Doodles for their national day in the same year!</blockquote>

Barry Schwartz

01/26/2010 06:24 pm

Tony, weird hearing from you with your Google hat on. I will get over it soon... Thanks for heads up.


02/25/2010 07:47 am

Hello, Today is the good day, Kuwait's Google's homepage have a new Doodle for the national day as they said on their blog . Our bot detect it this morning :

radiant guy

03/04/2010 09:05 am

Actually Kuwait's national day is on 25th of Feb. not 26th as mentioned in the paragraph above, 26th is the lebaration day of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on 26th of Feb 1991.

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