Google AdWords Certification Program Now With Four Exams?

Jan 18, 2010 • 9:03 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

If you go to the Google AdWords Certification Program Learning Center you will now see that Google is offering 4 exams, not one exam - to take and to earn your certification with Google AdWords. The exams include:

  • Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam
  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam
  • Display Advertising Advanced Exam
  • Reporting & Analysis Advanced Exam

There is actually a whole grid of courses you can review before taking the exams. I am not sure if you can actually take all four exams yet, but it seems like you will be able to do so soon.

We actually expected the tests to get harder over time, plus Google told us to expect this as well.

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01/18/2010 05:26 pm

Why do I feel that 4 tests will equal 4x the revenue for Google? Even so, making the tests a bit more difficult (and up to date!) is probably a good move.

Barry Schwartz

01/18/2010 05:28 pm

Didn't mean to imply anything. Sorry. Was a bit tired when I wrote this.


01/19/2010 01:00 pm

Of course it means more money for Google, they're going to do great out of this little money spinner. However, it does ultimately mean more knowledgable professionals, and that cant be a bad thing. The exam is definately harder (Ive done both the old and new), and relies more on your knowldege of PPC than what lives under which navigational tab. With the other exams coming on board aswell though, its even more important to pass first time than ever before, no one wants to pay a $50 resit fee. Try practising the mock exam questions first at at least then you'll know if you're ready for the exam.

ali zaidi

04/14/2010 12:47 pm

how do i get exam of google adwords

No Name

07/04/2010 02:05 pm

In all 4 exam which one is important and essensial.


10/01/2010 02:05 pm

what is the exam fees

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