Google Caffeine Results Now Going Live?

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This is not a Caffeine update, Caffeine is not live. More coming soon.

There seems to be a lot of buzz going on at the forums about Google's Caffeine index going live on more and more Google data centers.

Let me give you some history on Caffeine. It went live as a public preview in August. Then in early November there were rumors of it going live before the holiday season. Matt Cutts said no way, it won't go live until after the holidays. But it did go live on a single data center, in the Google wild, in late November.

Now, it is after the holidays, after the new years and everyone is waiting for Google to flip the switch. Did Google flip the switch in the past twenty-four hours?

I am seeing tons of threads with people talking about major ranking changes. But there are only a few threads specifically thinking it is Caffeine related. We have threads at DigitalPoint Forums and an updated WebmasterWorldthread. The suspected data centers that Caffeine has been moved to, include:

I emailed Google, Matt Cutts and his team for confirmation - so stay tuned.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

Update: A Google spokesperson told me, "we have nothing to announce today regarding Caffeine." Basically, it is not live yet and when it does go live, they will let us know.

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01/07/2010 02:21 pm

Seems like,,,, too...... :(


01/07/2010 04:32 pm

I don't believe it has gone live. Results for a keyword like "Ron Artest" come up as .44 seconds where they should be half that. Also, we've been under the impression that caffeine will integrate more live search results from social media outlets which doesn't seem to be happening. I think the waiting game will continue

Jaan Kanellis

01/07/2010 06:02 pm

If it does go live on a datacenter it would be nice for Cutts to state as such on his blog.

Tony Nguyen

01/07/2010 06:31 pm

It's probably gone live in limited ways. Our clients rankings are all over the place.


01/07/2010 08:50 pm

Only the first 2 IPs on this list are caffeine. The rest are just at a different indexing stage in the old system. There are always differences in the index from datacenter to datacenter as changes don’t replicate out instantly.

Clifford Bryan

01/07/2010 09:29 pm

When you see back in the news results then the Google caffeine update will be over. They stop running Examiner news during updates to speed everything up.


01/08/2010 12:08 am

Rankings in Australia. Bit of a surprise, but today's rankings (8 Jan 11am) in Google Australia have also changed significantly. I'm one of those woh checks rankings 'too often' so I am pretty aware of the 'usual' changes. This is something different.

No Name

01/08/2010 03:24 am

I am also based in Australia and have not yet noticed any changes. Two or 3 positions would be a standard fluctuation. What changes have you seen?


01/08/2010 06:09 am

Changes between 2-5 for many keywords. Taking a closer look it seems that many sites disappeared (temporarily?) from top 10/top 20 results which would move all others up by a few places. Too many changes for too many keywords in one day..... Some sites are gone after being even in top 5 for a few years - for some really competitive keyword phrases...


01/08/2010 06:29 am

I think the Australia datacenter is either moved or off doing something else new. I have just run ranking reports on 3 of my customer sites and all show 3-5 terms that were in top 10 no longer there. Hopefully just a temp thing!!

Bill Kruse

01/08/2010 08:54 am

I've noticed that Google is way slower than normal but that's all. BB

Liam Shepherd

01/08/2010 12:41 pm

My view on the situation -


01/09/2010 12:15 pm

No changes on any data centers that I can see. Results are not even close to the orignal caffeine demo.


01/10/2010 04:09 pm

Clifford I'm not sure what you are referring to with That sounds more like a squabble between and Google, not the Caffeine update.


01/20/2010 03:13 pm

Well established commecial web sites, previously on the 1st results page are now nowhere. Merchants are not going to take that sitting down! I bet Google is getting a lot of flack. Results useless blah blah stuff, no Info

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02/19/2010 08:45 pm

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08/06/2011 05:40 am

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