Google AdWords Images With Girls in Thongs Allowed?

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I was searching for a logo of a company, I searched Google Images for [compucall logo] and I was presented with an AdWords ad, but one of those product image ads. Google began allowing these ads a few months back, they are called product image ads in AdWords.

But what stood out was that this image was of a woman in thong underwear. Here is a picture:

Underwear Pictures in Google Ads

I wonder what type of click through rate this ad gets?

I wonder if Google has a policy against these types of images on their search pages? I don't really see anything in the Google FAQs on these product extensions, but I can be missing it.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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12/29/2009 09:40 pm

Actually it's our own PPC campaign and our new pitch to get new clients aboard...(not)


12/30/2009 04:27 am

I doubt it this account will be banned very soon. If they allow it now, they won't in the near future.

Justin Seibert

12/30/2009 02:12 pm

Depending on how it's set up, that's not necessarily the advertiser's "fault". They're hooking up their Merchant Account (nee Base) feed with AdWords and then allowing some or all campaigns to pull from that feed, which may contain hundreds or thousands of products and pictures.


12/31/2009 02:00 pm

i wonder if your search settings affect which ads are shown. you have it on moderate - if it were set to safe perhaps the results would be different. either way it's a tad inappropriate.


01/15/2010 01:02 pm

Since when is underwear bad?!?!?!? Shes not naked, you see people wearing a lot less on any beach.


08/02/2012 09:25 pm

We have huge billboards overlooking the highway which shows a women's full bare butt and none of the neighbours have complained. A little underwear picture may draw attention but will people really get upset about it?

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